Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Off Ice Training and other Quarantined Thoughts


One of my students in a Zoom meeting said he's been inside for twenty-one-hundred days yesterday. While it certainly feels that long, it's currently day 20 since I've last seen my students in the flesh and I haven't left my house beyond walks around the neighborhood in about 15 (I had to get my Emissions done and JB works at a Grocery story so no need to shop)

It has been 24 days since I've been skating.

Honestly, beyond seeing my parents and in laws in the person (I video chatted with both today) that's been the hardest thing for me. Being home has been such a gift (even trouble shooting parent issues at what feels like all hours. Currently avoiding my inbox) but I miss having something to look forward to each week. I mean now I will have stuff to look forward to that when I can finally get to it I'll probably explode from happiness. Just hoping I'm not going to lose all the stuff I'd picked up in 10 weeks I took lessons...Not that it was anything super complicated, but still.

So I've been doing what I can to stay motivated and sane and here's a quick list of what I've been thinking and doing.

1. I started a 30 days to splits challenge for flexibility. I'm still relatively flexible, but definitely lost some of it during my pregnancy. I figure it will help if nothing else.

2. I've been walking with the baby. Now that it's getting warmer, I hope to do this everyday. I go for about a mile and a half. It feels good to clear my head and step away from the laptop.

3. I did a core workout this week. It was kind of sad. I hope that will improve.

4. I finally busted out the spinner. The first day I got so dizzy I thought I might get sick. Haha Today I didn't go as long so it went much better. It's definitely a bit of a learning curve. I can get around twice maybe half the time, and I did one 2.5 or so today. My coach wants to go over how to use it (i.e. so I don't hurt myself or learn a bad habit) We'll see I guess.

5. I'm going to try an off ice class this weekend lead by my coach and her son. It's free so why the hell not? Sounds like it's mostly conditioning which I need. Maybe I just won't allow video LOL.

6. Still no navy mesh. Am I douche if I email them with all of this going on?

7. Got my Skating Magazine (Included in my membership to US Skating...take that Irish Dance Magazine) read it cover to cover. Now working on back issues.

8. Joined an Adult Skating group on Facebook. Have been interacting every day.

9. Since I'm always planning the next thing...I bought a cheap dress (that is my size) for a future program.

10. I've learned that there is something called the disco slide and I need to get to bronze level so I can skate to Abba and the BeeGees.

11. Kind of coming to the conclusion that my already postponed skating competition and Nutmeg State Games are probably not happening...

12. So I'm thinking if that is the case, when I finally do get back to training it might be better to work on the basics and have a new program than tweak Lovely a bunch of times. We will see what my coach thinks/ how long we must be socially distant...

Okay I think that's everything.


Saturday, March 21, 2020

Upheaval and Unanswered Questions

Well, I don't know about you but A LOT has changed since I wrote you last. I'm waiting for the official word, but as of this morning it was announced that public schools in my district are going to be closed until April 22nd! We follow the archdiocese of Hartford (I work at a Catholic School) but also follow what the town does for busing and weather related closures, so I think it's only a matter of time before it's official for us as well.

I've been teaching remotely for a week now. My principal was ahead of the curve and most places are starting this coming week. It had been not too bad. I had made my initial plan last week and while I think it worked...I plan on tweaking it slightly to make it more equitable for people who might not have a computer or want their child on a computer for hours. I would wake up around 8, log my lesson plans for the day, research programs for STEAM for about an hour (We are switching to a STREAM school if we ever return), and draft up everything for the following day. I'm available to answer emails for most of the day and I conference call with my boss and coworkers twice a week. So far, It's been working but that was back when were doing this for two weeks, not six. I'm anticipating some panicky parents this week, but it's too be expected I guess.

Being home with the baby has been wonderful, and I've been writing so much which makes my very full as I was feeling really stifled before this all went down. I've also been learning Russian (Da!) and overall feeling well rested and trying to keep busy and not worried about what everyone is posting online. We'll see if I keep feeling this way in several weeks.

As can probably be expected, all skating rinks are closed and competitions are postponed. I was supposed to skate at Champions tomorrow but it has been postponed to the beginning on June. Hopefully, this will pass but if schools are going to be closed until almost the end of April, I imagine that I probably won't be back in skates until at least then. That's hoping that this all blows over by I guess my question is what do I do about my program?

We slapped it together so quickly. I only did it once in front of a crowd and it wasn't really adult 3 ready at that point even before the do we keep working on it once we come back to normal life? Or maybe work on all the basics and do something new? I guess that is really something for my coach to figure out later. Time will tell I guess.

In other skating related news. My coach suggested buying one of those office ice turning board things. It arrived yesterday followed by the news that someone at the local Amazon warehouse tested positive for the Virus so...I'm going to wait a few days until I pull it out. Maybe I'll have crazy good spins and jumps before I learn how to do cross overs? Doubtful. Will I fall on my face? Likely. Time will tell I guess.

Still no navy blue mesh but who knows when I'll be seeing that. LOL or my sewing machine. It's at my mother in laws house. Time will tell I guess.

Hope you are all healthy and well,


Friday, March 13, 2020

Corona, I hate you, but I also love you?

Let me start off by saying that I have to find humor in this because this week has been tense. The welfare of people is the most important thing so consider the following post disappointment and silliness and nothing more.

My state has decided to close area schools for the next two weeks in an effort to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. I have mixed emotions. Obviously I'm thrilled to be home with my son during that time and we get to give his grandmother a break from babysitting, I also fully plan on writing my heart out. I'm just a bit disappointed because skating has been cancelled I'm sure it's only a matter of time before my competition on the 22nd is called off as well...I understand why...just was looking forward to it. Maybe this will all blow over by nutmeg state games? Maybe I'll see my coach in September? :(

Update as I started this post Thursday night...she wants to meet for a lesson tomorrow and I am so torn about what to do. Less than 250 people...but...stay tuned I guess.

And...I decided to say no. UGH ADULTING IS THE WORST. But in all seriousness...writing this post has been a roller coaster. Champions has been postponed. Not surprised. 

I have so many questions now. But I'll save that for another post I guess. One things for sure, it seems that my skating season is over for the moment.

Originally this post was supposed to tell you two other non pandemic related things. The first of which being that I ordered fabric for my dress (That I don't need until at least June now LOL) and was so excited when it arrived quickly. I had hoped to start working on it so I could wear it at the end of the month before things got cancelled. I ordered three yards of a navy poly spandex, three yards of a navy mesh (I want sheer sleeves like my Irish dance dress and possibly for the skirt), and a yard of nude because I only needed a bit and they only sold it in yard increments. I tear open the package, ready to pin and cut my pieces and I see three yards of the poly spandex, no navy mesh at all and FOUR yards of nude mesh. No really, enough mesh for every dress I make for the next two to three years, probably for multiple programs. LOL When I emailed them about it the company was like "OH, we we forgot to mention the navy mesh is back ordered." ...okay. That still doesn't explain why I have a half of a first down's worth of nude...but they're letting me keep it so I guess it could be worse? Who knows when I'll get the navy now as things seem to be shutting down...but someday this dress will get made and stoned. (Those arrived this week as well)

The other kind of equally as weird thing is that my skating club was supposed to have their annual meeting (No's been cancelled) on Sunday to vote on things and implement a new board and...I may have been on the list of nominees. WHAT? No, no one begged or twisted my arm. I've been so welcomed and so happy about my experience I want to help keep this club awesome. That, and I'd like to help with their website or something small as I can't commit to a lot with the baby at the moment. No idea when the meeting will be now. When I get an update you'll here it here.

Okay, I guess I'm done. LOL


Monday, March 9, 2020

Kelly On Ice

Well, my first skating show is done and dusted. I'm mostly happy and a little bit sad....mostly because I fell.

Yup, I wrote it into existence. Not sure if it was the fresh, kinda wet ice (I went 2nd and was the first solo), or a nerves sort of thing, but I did my opening turn and fell on my butt...hard. I got up and kept going, but kind of held back the rest of the program. I survived though! Even smiled during most of it. Everyone complimented me so I guess I'm probably being harder on myself than I probably need to. The girl who opened up the second half of the show (after the Zamboni went through again) fell three times and she's a hell of a better skater than me. The ice doesn't care I guess...

The other thing I'm sorting out before Champions in two weeks is that I'm investing in better shape wear. I bought a cheapy thing and when I went to the bathroom and it rolled down with my tights and ewwwww.... "You had a baby six months ago." That's nice. I still hate it.

Not sure what I was doing here...hopefully this was gliding to my opening spot because yikes straight legs
Overall, I'm trying to tell myself that I only started this program just over a month ago. I could have just done my adult group routine and no one would thought any less of me. I'm very lucky that I am part of such a welcoming friendly club! They encouraged me to put myself out there. 

Our adult group lesson routine went really well! It was a little dicey in practice but it was the best we ever did it. No falls! And I did like half a dozen two foot spins. (I'm blaming the ice for my solo) I'm proud to say that besides our routine, we had 3 adult soloists (L did two solos) and adults in the ice dance numbers. 

I'm in a weird place now. I have one more lesson in Watertown before their skating season comes to a close. My coach assured me that we have plenty of options to keep working, but that requires talking to my husband and figuring out how often I can meet with my coach and we know how I do in those situations. I have two weeks until my next competition and while I'm hoping to polish Lovely a bit...I kind of have a feeling that if I'm competing against someone else (I doubt it but...) I probably won't get first. There are a few level three requirements that I'm just not doing confidently yet. It is what it is. Just happy to be here, you know?

I feel so lucky to have made friends with people on this journey. I'm sad that I will not see some of them until the fall. It was also really amazing to get to skate for hours yesterday and I think I'm more sore from practicing slaloms than I was from falling (I was scared for a bit last night. I had pain in places that made me wonder if I had hit more than my butt on the ice, but I feel pretty good today) All that skating made for a very grumpy and tired Kay last night. It was like a feis hang over but worse.
So sad that we didn't get a picture with N! 

L was destined to be my friend!
I have more things to talk about, but I'll save it for a different post. Sad I didn't get a picture with my coach, but maybe we will get one in a few weeks when I skate my program next. 


Friday, March 6, 2020

5 Songs I would use for a program Part 2

I guess I should hope for a long and healthy skating career because I'm back with more program ideas!

Jump in the Line by Harry Belafonte

This was one of my original choices back when I started this wild ride. I will definitely do this one someday. I just don't know when. Preferably when I can do some harder stuff.

Goodbyes by Post Malone and Young Thug

This song is brutal and beautiful and very similar to the mood of Lovely so I probably will want to do something else for my next program. Also...the clean version is still rough.

Country Roads (Take Me Home) by John Denver

This is another one from my original list that I may revisit. I see myself doing a sick spin at the end of it so guess I should add it to my future "when I'm a better skater" list.

Starlight by Muse

Fun fact: This is my wedding song with JB. Beyond's one of my favorite songs. 

Could You Be Loved or some sort of medley of Bob Marley songs

Redemption Song is my favorite, but it's reeeeeealy slow. Maybe I could do a medley or something?

Show is in two days!


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Reasons to Figure Skate as Described by GIFS

Well first off...It Pretty!

It's a great way to exercise.

Image result for it's a great way to stay in shape gif

No seriously, you're legs will look great

Image result for strong legs gif
Though I'm pretty sure dance helped this

You can meet new people.

Image result for adult ice skating gif

And you might do some less than graceful stuff together, but you'll be too busy having fun to care.

Image result for friends ice skating gif

If you don't think jumps and spins are your thing, there are other disciplines.

Image result for adult nationals figure skating gif
This is an example for comedic value only

Or perhaps Synchronized skating interests you?

Image result for synchronized skating gif
Irish Dance's like a Figure on ice!
There are competition opportunities for all abilities and ages!

Image result for competition gif 

Or a whole test track if that is what motivates you 

Image result for passing test gif
I'll be blogging all about it when the time comes
Regardless if you decide to keep it simple...

Image result for ice skating gif

Or you push yourself to the hardest levels...

Image result for yulia lipnitskaya gif

I hope you enjoy skating as much as I do!

Image result for love it gif


Monday, March 2, 2020

Things Come Together

Six Days (almost five at this point of the night) until my first skating show. How am I feeling?

Surprisingly okay. I had another really productive private and I think my program will be good enough for Sunday. There are still a few things to tweak for the end of the month but there are still a few weeks till then.

Got to tie down my undergarments for Sunday and bake some cookies and brownies for the bake sale and then we are golden.

Learn to Skate Lesson

We went over our routine again. I'd say it's getting pretty solid. Our forth member was back so it required a bit of tweaking. Getting really good at those two foot spins. I did one yesterday that was like buttah LOL I also think it's probably good that our song is long. Haha. Looking forward to our make up lesson in two weeks to move onto something else (even if it is Dutch Waltz again most likely)

Private Lesson and Program Work

Okay so I'm hopeful that Lovely is going to be beautious by the time Nutmeg State Games rolls around this summer because every time I leave my lesson on Sunday nights it looks exponentially better. I know my directions now, I have no issues with the order, we worked on making my slaloms big and curved, my two foot turns have improved and I can skate backwards pretty consistently. The backwards glides and one foot glides are not very long (I.E. sad).but not an issue for the show. I think the thing I have to watch out for is a balance check. it typically happens in the beginning because it will throw my timing off. Debating on meeting her for a lesson, but I think I'm going to go with my gut and visualize because running my program on ice while Nathan Chen is there makes me want to vomit. That, and I don't want to overthink it too much. May have to suck it up for Champions. Future me problem.

Other News

My mom measured me for my dress. Even though I feel good, I definitely have some mom body adjustments...I keep on telling myself I only had Dom six months ago so it could be worse...but still...yuck. I'm going off on a tangent here. I have fabric picked out, just have to purchase now.

Alright. Look for a few more entries and one with photos next week!