Dance Goals

Updating the Goals!

This is what I'd like to see happen this year, especially before I turn 28!

-Full Prizewinner by 28th Birthday
-Stay Healthy
-Hit clicks every single time and improve click extension
-Continue to work on turnout, crossing, and keep off heels
-Make friends with Slip Jig
-Recall at the Oireachtas for traditional set (might be a long shot but we'll see!)

These unaccomplished goals can still stay in this section.

-Be on a ceili or figure team and have the ability to perform and compete (No Team yet but performed LOTS OF TIMES in 2015 and 2016)
-Learn new traditional sets, remember St. Pat’s and relearn Three Sea Captains (Don't remember 3 sea's at all but Jockey to the Fair 9/10/15)
-Learn a contemporary set
-Learn a treble reel (Completed 12/15)

-Move up to Prizewinner (Light Jig 2/16 Reel 4/16 Hornpipe 8/16)

-Move up to Preliminary Championships

-Move up to Open Championships
-Dance consistently with 5 or more competitors. (Completed 1/2016)
-Place consistently when competing against 5 or more competitors (Complted 2/2016)
-Win first place at a feis with 5 or more competitors (AB 12/13/2015 Novice 2/7/2016 4/2016)

-Win a perpetual trophy
-Dance at the Oireachtas (Completed 11/19/16)
-Dance at Nationals
-Dance at WORLDS
-Dance in a different country
-Stand on a podium (Technically yes in 3/2016...but at a class feis.)
-Win a sash
-Dance in a parade of champions
-See an Irish Dance Show (Riverdance 5/2016!)
-Meet an Irish Dance “Idol” 
-Get solo dress! (Complete 9/16 though it felt like 11/16 because of alterations)

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