About Me

Woah guys, it was time to update this section.

I'm Kelly, but Kay is my Psuedonym in the writing world and a nickname I've had since middle school.

I'm almost thirty (It's scary to see that written out) and this blog has been a thing for what, like six years? I've been Irish dancing for almost five and I was using if for my other hobby drabbles before that.

I've been married for five years, and I've been an elementary school teacher for six. I currently teach Kindergarten but I have also taught first, second, and fifth since getting certified. In addition to teaching kids for my real job, this is my third year of teaching prebeginners and beginnesr how to jig and reel. I will take my TCRG exam someday, but I've got goals to crush first.

I love Irish dance, I can't believe I waited so long for it to be a part of my life. I danced in adults for aproximetly a year before transferring and dropping down three years ago. In that time, I've gone from a complete beginner to almost being in prelim. I'm looking foward to seeing where I'll be headed next.

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