Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Third Skating Lesson

So I did these out of order, but I was just so excited yesterday I wanted to talk about the competition first.

I had my third skating lesson this past Sunday. This was technically the 1st week of the session even though I have been at this for several weeks so the classes were a little bigger. There were two new skaters in our class (usually it is me and another lady in the basic skills class.) Both were ahead of me (one was doing twizzles and crossovers) but were very nice.

I went over what I needed to do for the competition (and I'll still be practicing snow plow stops FOREVER) but then we started new stuff! I can do swizzle pumps now! Not awkward ones but smooth nice ones. We also worked on turning from forward and backward and while the turn was no problem, skating backwards still is a bit slow going...I literally have no momentum and stop.

We started two footed spins and I am TERRIBLE! Although I learned over the weekend that left handed people are supposed to spin and jump the opposite direction so that might have been my problem. We will see next week I guess.

I think the thing I'm most pumped about is that I jumped in place on the ice and didn't die! I even jumped from front to back (not even a half rotation but I'll take it!) and still didn't die, got to hit though toe picks every time but maybe a bunny jump or a waltz jump is in my future?

Homework this week beyond my usual video review is to figure out edges on dry land and probably watching more videos lol...

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