Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Speaking it into Existence

Hey Everyone,

Because I had to...

I'm the type of person that always likes to be thinking about what's next in terms of crushing goals. So while I might be on a short feis vacation, I'm not resting, I'm going to work harder than ever to get ready. Now that I only have three dances to focus on I'm hoping this time of drilling and preparing (the champ girls are switching steps so I'm fine tuning mostly) will be fruitful and when I compete next month I'll be confident and looking good. I practiced my hornpipe for almost an hour over the weekend and I was able to sneak in a few slip jig drills tomorrow before I started teaching yesterday. 

I finally am starting to see the results I want, but I think it's important to continue to build my confidence. So I'm going to work on positivity, and I'm doing that by doing things to motivate me. I'm going to "speak it into existence" so to speak. So I made a chart to keep track of how many wins my fellow prizewinners in my class and I have left. (I did it for myself when I first got into Novice but I think it might be fun to have it hanging in the studio to inspire and celebrate.) I've also made myself some motivational drawings, the most motivating of all of these is the one that says "I will dance in Preliminary Championships in 2019." With how things are going, I feel confident in saying that I will be doing just that soon. :)

Have a nice night,


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