Tuesday, December 4, 2018


It's been over 48 hours and I still can't think a witty way to open this post. Nope. I've got nothing.

4 more firsts till Prelim. 55% there. 50% qualified for solos at the Oireachtas. I finally won a prizewinner dance. Incidentally, it as treble jig. Who would have thought after two years and change with having it stuck in novice, of getting 2nd and 3rd a ridiculous amount of times, that it would be out after its second time in prizewinner. I was so surprised I didn't even cry and you know I'm a big old sap. I'm disappointed I didn't take a picture of the board. It almost seemed like I made it up until I got my marks.

It was a pretty good day overall. I danced slip jig alone and ended up getting second so that was promising. I also got 4th in reel, but I'm feeling kind of iffy about that one because that judge placed everyone, but I'm just happy with prizewinner placements because I was feeling burnt out and kinda wanted to stay home on Sunday.

I am going to be completely honest and I know I've said it before, but adulting is hard. I have a tough class this year (they are soooooooooooooo needy) and my drama club meets until 3:30 on Tuesdays (I made this decision and things are going great, but it's just one more thing in my already overbooked life) Add teaching three days a week (granted two days are nights I have class anyway), plus working at my grocery store side job last week too, and I was running on fumes. That kind of week is not typical, but I was not looking forward to getting in the car and driving two hours both ways. Well I'm glad that I did, not only was I calm, but I had a nice time with the girls in my competition and obviously the results were worth it! I left class last week kind of in a funk, but now I'm feeling more motivated than ever. I'm actually a little sad that I'm not dancing this weekend as I'm so revved up to win again, but I know that I'll be thanking myself Sunday when I'm not on the Mass Pike again.

You all know that my end all be all goal is open champs. When I'd started this I wanted to go as far as I could, be something that people talked about. That girl that started late but did incredible things. Maybe she even went to worlds. These past almost three years in & overs and even the year before it have been a roller coaster and there was a point last year and even just a few months ago that I thought I would never see that. That my goal of being in Prelim by the time I was 30 was ridiculous and that I should just accept the fact that I'm going to only dance in grades and just be happy I got to dance out of adults at all. Sunday and Coogan proved that maybe I'm not as crazy as I thought. Sure maybe I walked away with nothing at Harvest Time and Southern CT and that sucks, but I'm more than half way qualified for prelim. I had a year where I was pretty much stuck in neutral, where I was only going to class once a week. Where I was convinced that I was not good enough. I believe that I can do it. Hopefully by my 30th birthday. But if not, I have a feeling that it will be soon after. I mean slip jig was SO CLOSE. So far my prediction of Hard shoe going first wasn't wrong though.

So things to think about going forward:

-More positive affirmation. Maybe blogging more. Maybe motivational charts. I made one for all of us on the cusp prizewinners that we are going to hang in the studio. One of my friends recently won the adult trad set group at the O and she had a poster telling her she was going to win hanging at the foot of her bed, so I may do that.
-Work on Stamina. My Hornpipe, which I will need when I crush that other 45% has kind of become messy with all the focus on treble jig.
-Let the karma flow. I try to uplift my classmates. It seems like the good vibes are finally raining back down on me.
-Keep on competing. Now that I'm not getting so nervous, I really am enjoying it more than ever.
-It's in the details. We're past running things. It's time to iron out little issues so that I stand out. Slig Jig I'm looking at you.
-Inspire my young dancers. Inspire other people in my age group. Inspire people who want to dance. Again, karma.

I'm done with competing for 2018, which feels weird. My next feis (and grade exams eek) are Martin Luther King weekend. If you will be at Feis Na Blain Nua and Fairfield County Championships come say hi!


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