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I hope you have all had a wonderful summer. Mine has gone by in the blink of an eye. I worked alot at my summer job but I also spent two weeks helping my TC and my lovely friend Annabelle teach our beginner and intermediate camp. Sometimes I think that my life would be easier if I just showed up for class and didn't do anything extra (especially since JB whines that I'm gone alot) but not only has it helped me dance (minus competitions) virtually for free, I feel really accomplished when I am able to teach kids how to do something. I taught a class for a main stream studio in July and even seeing them pick things up was cool. Now I have students that are competing and placing and it makes me happy.

So now we're in August. Mid August just about. My week of Champ camp starts tomorrow. The concept of me attending champ week is both exciting and a little frustrating. I'm proud that I am able to keep up with the girls that are true champs. However, it makes me sad that this doesn't seem to show in my competition level and results but I'm hoping to change that. I've entitled this entry #PRELIMPREP because that is what I am calling this fall season. I've committed to not going to the Oireachtas for Trad Set. I'll be able to focus on my core dances while others in my competition are worrying about a dance for November. I plan on being relaxed and just enjoying the fall instead of falling into the downward spiral I was in last year. If I am able to win my Reel and Hornpipe by Septemberish, than I will go for solos with the expectation that it will be for experience and nothing more, great. If not, I will continue to work and get my technique ready for Prelim. I will finally be going to class regularly. I feel like the past year was like spinning my tires in mud. While I don't think my dancing necessarily got worse, It really didn't get any better. I spent almost the entire year learning a slip jig that I probably could have done in half the time if  I had been at class consistently (and after all that we're throwing that slip jig out, but that's another story.) I also mentioned how I was going to soft shoe class this year almost primarily and only placing in hardshoe so...what I'm getting at here is how I CANNOT WAIT to be going to class twice a week for me in addition to teaching classes.

I feel like the weeks of teaching camp were really helpful to my technique. I feel like my crossing has gotten better and so has my upper body (I have literally been dancing with paper plates in between my arms and body) so I'm looking forward to seeing what this week will be like when the focus is on me and not demonstrating.

Also...I need to learn this new slip jig. I managed to get my third step of Treble Jig (Incidentally I learned this one in an afternoon, when I had been struggling with the second step for MONTHS). I actually think it's better than the 2nd step, like I may throw it into the ring at East Durham in two weeks if my TC thinks it's ready. It's really rhtymic and no clicks! On the other hand, I have like 4.5 slip jig steps and I'm not very good and/or confident with any of them for different reasons so here's hoping I'll have two steps that don't give me anxiety by the end of the week. (Ideally 2.5 because #PRELIMPREP)

Just a quck update for now. I'll probably post next weekend when I am recovering. (Seriously I have a bag full of just medical supplies for my shin splints). Wish me luck!


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