Thursday, May 10, 2018


Hey everyone,

It's almost a week later, but I went to the Lynn Feis on Sunday and had a pretty good day despite having SO MANY WEIRD THINGS HAPPEN TO ME!

First, I'm so in love with my new look. I'm not sure if I explained it in a previous entry, but I was inspired to go Burgandy after watching figure skating at the Olympics back in February. One inspiration was Tessa Virtue and her Moulin Rogue dress and the other was my girl Evgenia Medvedeva and her Anna Karenina Free Skate dress.

I was lucky enough to meet with Shauna Shiels at Inishfree and I told her "Burgandy and you can do whatever you want for the rest". I was not disapointed. Honesetly, I cried when I took it out of the box. It fits really well and is super light (it was a must!) I also took a plunge and did a new wig. It is going to take some getting used to (though it was rock solid on Sunday) but I'm a fan!

Anyway, back to this crazy day...I looked at the schedule earlier in the week and saw that I didn't have to get up super early. Somehow I got in my head that I was dancing at 11 so I took my time getting ready. I was about twenty minutes into my journey before I had this feeling that I should check again, and I saw that Novice started at 10. Needless to say, I drove a little fast, but found a great parking spot and was able to get my number and be dressed just before Slip Jig. As I was waiting in line I realized that my dress didn't have a number clip, so I used Electrical tape to secure my number and it surprisingly gave me no issues.

I finally debuted my new slip jig steps. I had been playing with them for almost a year, but they were prelim level steps so it took a LONG time for me to get comfortable. Honestly, I'm still not completely comfortable but I got dead last with my old slip jig last feis and my TC and I decided what did we have to lose? It was probably ready at Lenihan last month, but I chicken out at the last minute. I thought it went pretty well for not having time to warm up. My ankle did something weird (I think I may start wrapping them for competition) so I ended up on the wrong foot on the left of my second step, but I ended up getting sixth and not last so I'll take it as a great starting point.

Next was the pinacle of the weird things that kept on happening to me. The new dress came with these gigantic golden bloomers. I had practiced in the dress in front of my TC and I had noticed that they didn't really fit right, but I figured I'd get used to them/I'd make the best of it. Well...I had run reel and slipjig in it that day. This was treble jig. It started of great. Even dancing three at a time I was happy. Then I got to my second step and I felt the bloomers fall down. I was able to grab them before they dropped completely but I had to hold onto them and dance. Eventually, I was so off that I had to stop completely. I still came back in and finished but I was a mix between angry and laughing because did that really just happen? At this point I was convinced that Novice had been a waste but what could I do? I even texted my TC to tell her that maybe this feis was going to be for figuring out the kinks. Honestly, I was okay with it. That should be proof that my mental game is improving. The old me cried all over my TC when I messed up my Treble Jig over a year ago. The old me would have left early if things weren't going her way so I call that a victory.

After buying some new bloomers with an elastic band and meeting up with people from my school and from my prizewinner groups, I did my prizewinner dances. I tought reel went well, but it wasn't amazing. My hop backs could have been bigger and I feel like while I'm calmer dancing with other people, I still think I worry about where the other dancer is when I should be focusing on being crossed, etc. I ended up with a fourth and was just out of placing so I'm not heartbroken.

I ended the day with Hornpipe and while it was rythmic and I hit clicks, I had some flexed feet towards the end and I still have a few awkward moving things in my second step. Despite not thinking it was my best go, I got a third which was an improvement over last feis! This dance has really become my favorite and I have a feeling it may be the first to get out of grades.

I went to get my medal and was shocked when the volunteer handed me two third places. I even asked her what it was for. was treble jig! I thought it went so bad that I didn't even check the paper. At first I was worried that maybe my placements were mercy placements or that everyone got something but that wasn't the case so I guess the Treble jig disaster went better than I thought. The best part? I finally placed with the harder newer steps!

I left the feis feeling very happy, very motivated, and a bit confused. You see, I have pretty much only been going to softshoe class because of my teaching comprimise with Jon. You would think that my hard shoe would be suffering. I mean I drill all the time and I work with my TC on the weekends when she can meet me, but I haven't placed in softshoe since December of 2017. I know I've been learning new steps, but still. I also feel like I'm doing well overall, but it could be better. I want seconds next feis so I started to up my game with my stamina work. No more bike. I started running on the treadmill, say a prayer for my shins. Honestly, I'm thinking about Reaching New Heights Academy. It's so expensive, but I have seen other people be successful so maybe it could work for me.

Okay, it's getting late. Thanks for reading and looking forward to the next one!



  1. Look at you in your new dress!!! You look absolutely beautiful! That's so amazing that you were able to sit down with Shauna and have a dress made by her!
    Even with all the crazy things that always seem to happen on competition/important days, you still pulled through! I can only imagine how hectic things get at Feis. Wishing you the best at future ones!
    P.S, check out Jason Brown and Mirai Nagasu, they are BOMB skaters!

    1. HI!

      I have become a full blown figure skating fan now! I check my tumblr all the time for updates! Jason Brown is adorable and I was so sad that Mirai got voted off Dancing With the Stars she was ROBBED!

      Thanks for commenting!