Sunday, March 5, 2017

Feeling and Seeing Progress

This will be a short one. I'm just so happy with a few things that happened that I can't not share.

1. We started our St. Pats tour yesterday. We danced at the same library that I had my first performance with SRL about a year and a half ago. Way back then we danced on tile on top of concrete and by the end of the show my shins were killing me, by the time I was at dance camp I was crying because they hurt so bad. Well yesterday I felt nothing! The floor was slippery and I feel like I was sloppy but HOORAY! There are days that I feel shin pain (like trying to get my bird looking like a bird or sprinting down Chapel Rd) but most days I am pain free. PROGRESS!

2. Remember how one of my last posts I spoke about my toe height regiment? Look at this! (Sorry if you've seen it on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and now here!)

I am truly hoping this is real and not that I was just hitting the ground (E is airborne so I'm not sure what to think) either way, if my dancing looks remotely like this in April I will definitely not get those comments anymore!

Also, remember how I was like "I'm only doing 3 feises?" Hahah....yah...I might be doing 5...I REALLY REALLY WANT TO GET INTO PRELIM, OKAY?"

Bye for now!

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