Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Well, it's been almost a month since I posted. Jeez.

Honestly, a huge part of it is that my book ENSHRINE is going through edits so every free moment (which seems like a rarity these days) has been spent rereading and fixing and rereading and fixing. That and I've been trying to promote myself because I want someone to actually read it once it comes out.

There also hasn't been too much to share. I did do eight performances this month which was significantly less this year. The majority of them were nursing homes and libraries. But I also danced at this really intimate whole in the wall theater as well as a wedding which was really cool. I don't have too many pictures to share as I am now one of the "advanced" students so I don't wear a school dress anymore. My black performance outfit is not the most flattering so I will be fixing that for last year so I don't want to puke when I see a picture of myself.

Pretty sure that room was haunted...

What your hair looks like after a parade (where you were wearing a hat) and two shows. I wanted my wig!
Anyway, my entry is called detours because I find that I'm struggling to achieve my dreams and be a responsible adult, attentive wife, as well as functional human being at the same time. Don't worry, I'm not quitting. It would take a lot more to make that happen! It was just between performing, class two times a week, working at the grocery store one night a week, freelancing, parent teacher conferences, and getting my book ready for publication...I just about had a nervous break down last week. That and my "super supportive" husband went into a down swing about dance that made me feel like a horrible person so I had to stop and try to figure everything out.

I am dropping down to one day a week for dance, but I don't see this as a defeat. I spoke with my TC and I'll take the class I normally take on Mondays and I'll have an hour to eat and recover and then I will take a second class with the champs. So far I am really happy about this arrangement. I spend more time on my hard shoe and it's the night they do sets, so I'm hoping I might get to learn one depending on how these next few months go. I also feel like being around people that are a higher level than me will help me rise to meet them. I am praying that I get a new higher paying job so that the grocery store will no longer be needed (or you know, get something in HR at the grocery store) so everything will be less stressful.

I'm definitely going to the higher level camp this summer so that's a great feeling! Now to get the results I've been hunting for so I have plenty of time to plan for the future. My first feis in almost two months in on Sunday and I'm super excited. I'm also dancing against more girls that I've ever danced against but I'm hoping that will mean more placements!

Talk to you soon!


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