Thursday, February 9, 2017

I'm Here For You

One of the bloggers that I read religiously when I was first toying with the idea of starting dance as an almost twenty-five year old recently posted after not posting anything in over a year. She hadn't been dancing in a year, hadn't competed in even longer and I sat there, my heart just breaking. One of the reasons why I'm where I am today is because of this blogger, so I feel like I need to pay if forward and tell all of you that I'm here for you.

If you are sitting somewhere reading my blog and you are afraid to start Irish dance because you are too old, not the right body type, whatever...I'm here for you. Sign up. You will not regret it.

If you are tired and exhausted after working all day because you have a full time job, or your going to school, or for whatever reason...I am here for you. Some weeks are better than others. There are days that I wish I could just go home or that I didn't have to work at my grocery store job one day a week after working at school. There are days that my husband tells me that he hates how tired I am. When I dance a reel or accomplish a goal, it's worth it. I have no regrets.

If you feel alone, whether it be because you are the oldest at your school or you are still in the grades while your friends are in champs or if someone has you thinking that you are weird because there are "no adult dancers" I am here for you. I live this everyday. I can't wait to be with my senior lady friends, heck prizewinner has been nicer since its 15 and 16 & over. Love your dance school sisters. Support your friends that are above you. You will be with them soon enough (I need to tell myself this sometimes) As for the nay sayers...excuse the bluntness but f*ck them. They didn't make a new age group for nothing. I know plenty of people who are older than me and even more successful.

If you want nothing more than to drop down but you don't know where to start or maybe your TC wont let you...I'm here for you. There are teacher's out there who WILL let you compete in & overs. I found one and she has tested my abilities every day since. Without her I would have never had the opportunities I've experienced or will be taking part in. Use your voice. Be your advocate. Do not rest if you are not satisfied with your dancing experience.

If you are feeling discouraged with your progress or your results or with how people in your life perceive your journey...I am here for you more than you will ever understand. This may not be the best area for being positive but I will still try to support you. I have been seething mad over being good enough to place 19 times but still remain in Novice. I've cried when my husband tells that he "hates dance". I've felt cheated and and outraged when people in my competitions or even people in my classes get things when they don't work as hard as I do. It would be easy for me to say "Don't worry, you've got this!" but honestly I hate when people tell me that. I do agree with one thing that people tell me though. that when it finally does change in your favor, when the impossible finally happens, that it will make the tough times worth it and I'll be celebrating with you. As for reluctant husbands...progress is a blessing. I'd like for him to love dance but he doesn't say he hates much these days...

To wrap this up, if you ever want to talk, whether it be about something bothering you or about how much you love reel (It will be my favorite until I die) comment on here or if you came here through my Tumblr, message or inbox me! I'm here for you!



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  1. Even though I've been dancing for 6 years now, you're still an inspiration for me, Kay. It's funny that you just posted this, because here I am stressing about going to a workshop with the non-adult dancers (our classes are very separate) tomorrow (there will be one other adult there too, so we're in it together). Opportunities are sort of opening up all the sudden. Next weekend, I may be dancing in my dream solo dress at a feis (even if it is in the adult category). The solo dress and the workshop are completely different stories, although they are both scary and exciting at the same time! So this might be long and rambling, but thanks, and yes, we definitely are in it together!