Sunday, February 26, 2017


 "I will feis no more than twice a month going forward. Even during the Oireachtas. ( Please remind me of this when I start trying to get into prelim!)" -Me in November 2016

I'm am in the midst of a feis break. Don't worry, I'm not injured or anything. March isn't my favorite month because a)there isn't anything that doesn't require at least a two hour drive (something that doesn't really bother me as much in warmer months because I don't have to worry about bad weather) and b) St. Patrick's day stuff is in full swing. I was telling someone today that I feel like a horrible Irish dancer but I can't wait for March 19th (I have performances on the 18th too) because I want to focus on feis stuff. I have a point here so let me cut the rambling...

This feis break has been amazing for many reasons. One is that it has been nice to sleep in on the weekends and just relax. I also feel like my super sickness from the beginning of 2017 is gone so I'm feeling healthy and strong. I've been able to practice (though it could be better. I hate this time of year for that. I prefer to practice outside!) and I've started this toe height regiment where I've been doing a bunch of exercises everyday and it's WORKING! Today I hopped up the one step from my foyer to my living all while trying to be as high as my toes would allow and my heel did not drop AT ALL. My TC says that she notices a difference so here's hoping in a months time that the judges will too! The second reason why I'm digging this break is that I feel like everything is starting to really fall into place with my dancing. We are running out of things to perfect and I'm feeling really satisfied and happy with how things are going. I'm still trying to perfect the timing in my treble jig step (I am literally going to sob and collapse when this one gets out because I've been dealing with the So clean it's stupid but it doesn't move novice lead vs. the moves around a lot but I am either too fast or two slow PW lead) but I'm feeling really good about the other three and I still have a just over a month until my next feis. 

However, it seems like whenever I'm a break from feising I see everyone else competing and I start to go stir crazy! I truly love to compete. I love to get all dolled up and I love seeing my friends and classmates do their best and I love watching the Prelim and Open competitions. Believe it or not even the actual dancing for a judge is something I look forward to. Then I do the stupid mental thing where I'm like "What if this was the feis that you would have got those firsts and you're sitting at home instead?" Or if I see one of my class mates did well at one that I'm not at I wonder "Would I have had a great day too had I been there?" I know it's stupid. I know that I would be back to the way I felt before the Oireachtas but sometimes I wonder if I'd be further along if I was out there more often, fine tuning how to dance with others. It's a fine line because I don't think you can always fix your problems within a week or so but that's where I'm at. There are literally six opportunities for me to feis in April but I'm only doing 3. I know, I know I said that I was only going to do two a month but I did three in April to make up for nothing in March last year and I love 2 of the three comps I'm signed up for. The other I didn't do so great in last year so let's call it redemption. That and it feels wrong to skip competitions that are actually in CT.

I wish I could afford to feis frequently. I wish I could travel to some of the ones that are further away (Ryan Kilcoyne because they have those spinny trophies...I'd like to go to Canada because it's CANADA! Really, I'd like to go to every region) I will be going to Texas in September though! I'm so excited! YAY!

Can't wait to get back to feising and probably breaking my promise until I am in Prelim or at least qualified to dance solos at the Oireachtas!

Until then I'm super hungry!


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