Monday, November 30, 2015

Irish Dance Photo Challenge Day 25

Day 25: A picture of you favorite leap
I'm going to start doing these out of order because some of them require pictures of me and since I have a feis in 12 days, I figured it would be better to get some fresh pictures. So I'm goin to break down my favorite leaps.
Favorite leap I have attempted: I love the look of the stag leap/crab whatever your TC calls it. I think it looks so elegant. My back leg doesn't look this nice, but someday I want to look this nice.

Favorite Leap you would like to do someday but are convinced you'd fall and hurt yourself. I love this birdy into front click like amazingness.
Pretty sure this girl lives in my state!

This boy blows my mind, has better extension than some ladies!

Yay Nadine!



  1. Hey!! I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog so much. I check it often! :) you've actually inspired me to write one of my own (I'm also an adult dancer) but I haven't gotten around robot yet... Soon, I hope. :)

    Also, I wanted to let you know that the second leap you posted is called a switch leap, and the girl in the grey gif is Bridget Oei from Conneticut.

    1. Ok for some reason it wouldn't let me edit my comment, and I think part of it got cut off, and "robot" is supposed to s

    2. Supposed to say "to it"! Gosh!!

    3. Haha! No problem! You should definitely blog, I love reading about other people in Irish Dance, especially those of us that are responsible adults (mostly) when we aren't dancing.

      I thought that was Bridget Oei! I didn't want to sound like an idiot if I was wrong. Just like the switch leap lol. I feel like I don't know all the lingo and my new TC calls things different names than my old TC did.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Those gifs are great! Good luck at your upcoming feis! My next feis in in January and I can't wait! I'm learning the Blackbird for my Novice set dance and I love it so far!
    That first leap looks hard to do! I've seen it a few times and it's interesting. Not one of my favs, but I love the second leap. That one looks so elegant. I've been doing hamstring exercises to help my back leg and I've already noticed some improvement! :) I'm planning to write a blog post about the feis I went to last month, but I've been so busy! XD Take care!

    1. So I totally just followed you and I'm excited to read your blog!

      I'm with you on the hamstring exercises, I want my clicks to be super high someday. Thanks for the encouragement and good luck to you in January!