Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Double Feis Frenzy Day 2 and the Road Ahead

Well this post got delayed. I came right home from Shamrock to go right to a Superbowl party. Then Monday was back tp the day job and teaching my prebeginners and then class of my own. Yesterday my 1st graders went on a field trip an I had class again (I danced 5 days in a row and my feet literally felt like they were going to fall off). So here I am ready to finally post about how Sunday's feis went.

While I feel that my dancing wasn't as flawless as the day before, my results were promising. The day started off differently as I did my prizewinner dances first. I had a nice warm up with a few of my classmates, and I danced my reel. I felt calm and I tried to think about being on my toes more. My TC was very happy, she thought it was one of my best reels in class or competition so that was really exciting. Hornpipe went pretty well even though I had a weird mental thing in the beginning. The grade stages were a split champ stage and for whatever reason I decided to freak out about what would happen if I crossed onto the other stage in the middle of a click. Other than that, I thought it went well. Then I made the promise to my friend to not check the results board until I was done with everything and I literally wanted to die.

Novice went okay. I danced with a really aggressive girl during slip jig that caused me to mess up on the ending and then by treble jig I was shot but I still thought it went pretty well. I had this feeling that it was good but not good enough and my suspicions were confirmed. I ended up with another third but the biggest surprise was that I got a third in my prizewinner reel! Even crazier, when I got my marks I was one point away from 2nd. One point my 4th time doing it out. I also got a 4th in slip jig and a 7th in hornpipe but not super shocked by that. All in all, great weekend!

So here is where part two of my post comes in. I've now got about two months until my next feis. Two months to fix and perfect and become even more confident. I'm really sick of getting comments about my toe height so I'm planning on working on that everyday. I'm also planning on figuring out a treble jig that is confident and worthy of prizewinner and beyond. I know that I've come a long way in a very short time, but I want more. The only way that's going to happen is if I go above and beyond what I'm doing right now.

I have many dreams for dance. I want to become an open champion. I want to get out of the grades. One of my biggest goals at the moment is that I just want to be with people my own age or closer to it. My sister school is out of Houston Texas and they have a whole champ class of just senior ladies! A bunch of them are coming to my school's summer champ camp and I want to go so desperately. I mean obviously I want to dance solos at the Oireachtas too which is what they are really coming to work for but still! My TC talked about making a plan so that I can attend the champ camp this year and I am so excited (and honestly a bit nervous) to see what it entails. I'm already motivated by my placements in reel and hornpipe and want to continue this momentum, I'm sure there will be more about this in future posts but for now it's looking like with time, effort, and a whole lot of luck I may be achieving what I thought was the impossible sooner than I ever expected!

Talk to you soon!


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