Saturday, September 17, 2016

This Post Could Have Had Many Titles

Hey everyone, this post is a week late and I apologize. In addition to my normal busy schedule we've had some family emergencies so I haven't been home much and when I have it's been to go right to sleep. So here are some of the things I wanted to call this post and quick review of why.

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken:

There are two reasons why I was going to name this post after the House Martel words from Game of Thrones. The first reason is because I'm still on the hunt for those final firsts in Novice Treble Jig and Slip jig. Now that a week as gone by I'm much more at peace with it but I was extremely disappointed and frustrated last week. I thought I danced just as well as the East Durham Feis, in fact I thought my hornpipe was better than the day I won and I didn't even place so I was feeling pretty damn low. At the time I expected that I was on a roll, I tried the whole positive thinking thing. I figured I'd get my Treble Jig out for sure. But...3rds again.  Part of me feels happy because placements mean that my time is coming (My TC told me that she was in Novice for 3 years before she got anything which seems crazy) I also feel lucky in the sense that my slip jig was going really well until the very end of my left foot and I STILL got a placement so I would love to know how it would have went if I had not had that flub. To tie this in with "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken" I'm not giving up, I'm going to keep on working and be stronger and stronger until they have no choice but to pick me.
I feel like I look huge in the picture but trophies are awesome regardless of the placement!

Second Reason for the GOT reference? I sent my NEW DRESS (If you haven't seen it on Tumblr, I'll post a picture below.) back to New York with DanceBling for alterations House Stark themed cape. (Because while the Martel words are epic, I will always be a Stark...RIP Robb Stark!) Should have it next month, no idea when I will wear it. Hopefully January but I can't wait to see what it look like when it actually fits.
Isn't it beautiful!?

What I'm hoping the cape will look like. Don't want it to look too much like the actual crest. 

62 Days and Counting:

Another source of frustration! I'm getting to the point where I'm looking forward to Tradset being over. You would think that I have been doing this dance for so long now that I would have it cold but it is SO. DAMN. INCONSISTENT. I blame it being the last dance of the day and my legs are shot. I blame my brain (I think this was my issue with my regular dances too. I was so excited and convinced that I had it in the bag.) I need to just be relaxed and enjoy myself. Even in class I think sometimes I want to be perfect that when it's not I get discouraged. There is is still time...just have to remind myself that a lot can change in 62 days.

Feis Friends are the Best Friends:

Seriously feel so lucky that I not only have friends at my dance school but I have them in my competitions and through tumblr too. Sometimes it's hard when my TC or my mom can't come to a feis, When you have feis friends, especially those that are older like you, it's like you aren't feising alone. That's how I feel about my friend Margaret. She watches all my dances, she is super supportive and she is so go great at dancing that I want be just as good as her! She only has one dance to go until prelim (I got to be there when she found out that she won!) In short, I hope that everyone has the experience of having a feis friend because I would be lost without mine!

Alright, that's it for now. I can write a separate post about class this week. I feel like this post sounds so emo, but I'm ready to come back strong at the New England Autumn Feis next weekend! Bring it!


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  1. This post was great! Great job on your wins! You are so lucky that there are a lot of Feiseanna around where you live! There are only about 3 or 4 here a year! XD

    I love your new dress! Those colors are awesome and they will look great on you! :D Can't wait to see the updated version!

    I'm freaking about Oireachtas too; I need to get the set part of Job of Journey work down!! We can do it!!!!

    Feis friends are great! Hoping to make some more at the local Feis in October!

    Take care!!!