Sunday, August 28, 2016

60% Prizewinner

Still completely shocked about the results. Mainly because I thought my hornpipe was the worst dance of the day. While it started off strong, I felt like I flubbed my way through my second step, but I won't complain about the results. I can talk more about that in a bit.

The East Durham Feis...There were definite pros and cons. It was right down the road from the last feis I did and the ride was leisurely and beautiful. The fair grounds were lovely, the musicians for my stage were awesome, and I got to watch my little prelim peanut dance beautifully and get 5th in her first prelim feis (she got first in her set dance competition later in the day. This girl may be going to nationals this year!) I also got to hang out with with a wonderful friend that I made through Tumblr named Margaret. She is in the prizewinner competitions that I will joining in January so I watched to see how they are different than novice. As for the cons...well there were no start times for novice and no set lunch break time. My mother and I got to the feis before nine because we weren't sure how long  it was going to take...Yah, I didn't dance for a judge until 1 o'clock. While I don't regret watching Margaret or Colleen dance, I didn't need to rush there or wake up at 5:30 in the morning. They also ran out of trophies....Like I know that prizewinner has huge competitions and maybe they gave them to the champs, but this feis was at 55% capacity. Disappointed because I should have brought home 4 trophies today and I am really hoping that they don't flake out because it's expensive to ship. I know their just trophies, but I was incredibly proud of myself today. That, and outdoor competitions make me want to jump into water with my dress on, but I guess that is to be expected.

Beyond the obvious that I won my hornpipe (which I truly believe was due to the fact that I danced aggressively and cut off the girl that got first in everything else.) I also made a serious point to not make eye contact with the judges. I had a private on Thursday and my TC told me to dance like I was already in Prizewinner. I have been continuing with my positive thinking so not only was I writing out those good vibes on paper, I was also thinking them before I'd go to bed and even while I was waiting to dance. There were also significantly less dancers at this feis (maybe they knew something I didn't about the trophies or the whole time issue Hahah). I didn't place in my reel. I had my favorite judge and while I was very pleased with how the whole thing went (not looking at him, smiling, dancing aggressively and energetically) He does not like my soft shoe, that and might have seen me roll my ankle in my very first jump. I didn't fall over or anything, but I think I need to start wearing an ace bandage or sports wrap. Not only did I sprain that ankle in college, but that was the ankle I rolled and hit the ground with on St. Patricks Day. I got a 3rd in slip jig that I think could have been a 2nd had I not run out of space and was practically sitting in the judges lap. No love lost because there were only four of us so it didn't count. They played one of my favorite Treble Jig's (beside my Moyder Well Jig by Kinsha because no one plays that one) and while I was totally confident, I'm still adjusting being off my heels and having clear trebles. There were some parts where it was quiet and the girl who won was deserving. I have this feeling that Treble Jig will be next (I mean I have a second and 4 out of my bajillion thirds in it) but you never know. Oh, and I got 3rd in Jockey which I thought was my best dance of the day so who knows.

If you know me personally, you know that I am a very emotional and expressive person. I'm convinced that his is partly due to the genetic cocktail that is my Irish and Lithuanian lineage. Most of my relatives and even my husband's relatives that are Lithuanian are very sensitive. We are moved by sad things, but also by the accomplishments of our family, hell the song Rise by Katy Perry makes me cry and I've listened to it a million times. My father (the Irish and French Canadian influence) and I do this thing where we slam our fist on the table and say "We get Sh*t done" like it's our house motto (since I can't actually be a Stark) Where I am going with this is I always am thrilled to see my number up on the results, but when it's a first, I lose my cool. When I saw my number in that top spot, especially after I thought it was pretty awful I started crying. I know that I've said this before and I probably will every single time I get a first until I retire from competing, but I am not stereotypical. I am not a teenager that has few responsibilities. Okay, any of my younger friends, I know that school is super difficult and I'm not taking that away from you. You see, I have full time job. The on top of that, I work at a grocery once or twice a week so I can afford to feis, buy dance stuff, etc. On top of that, I freelance awful romance short stories so I can help offset dance and other expenses even more. I have a home that needs significant work (but we got for a song) and a husband that is is skeptical at the best of times about my competitive career. I know that I am not practicing as much as I could, but every time I win a dance I am beating out girls who are usually 10-13 years younger than me. That is a victory in itself. I always hoped that I would be able to survive in the grades and the fact that I'm actually doing it blows my mind. I had wanted to be qualified for Prelim by the time that I am 30, but I'm truly starting to believe that I can get there before that.

I think the other thing that made me feel warm and fuzzy and like I'm doing something right is when I was having this moment with my mother, looking at the wall and trying to wrap my head around the fact that I only have two dances to get out of Novice before January this girl walks up to me, congratulates, and hugs me. I recognize her; I see her at many competitions (her dresses has butterflies on it) and she tells me that she watches me dance at every feis and that she's proud of me. We ended up talking a bit and it seriously made my day. I have inbox mail and messages of people telling me that I inspire them. How can I possibly ease up or slow down now? Not only do I have to do this for me, but I want to make you all proud too. <3

I feel like I've accomplished so much this summer. I can't wait to see what's going to happen once classes start on Monday. Hopefully learning a new hornpipe. :)
This was after the crying...


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