Monday, June 13, 2016

My Very First Show(case) and Other Things

Well yesterday was my first dance recital in almost ten years. Very different than my childhood dance studio. For one, lunch was served during it. It was also so low stress. It was not a flawless performance but I still had a wonderful time and it solidified once again how much I love dancing at Scoil Rince Luimni. Best decision I ever made!

I don't like my foot in this photo but oh well...

There were so many raffles this year and I bought so many tickets, putting the majority in Irish dance things. I have really wanted to do some private lessons so I put the most tickets in for that....and I WON! Honestly, I was probably more excited about winning than I needed to be, but now I get to have two private lessons this summer and I don't have to pay for it! (Well technically, I paid 20 dollars for the raffle tickets...but...)

Here's the craziest part of the day yesterday. My husband, mother, and two aunts came to the show case yesterday. When it was time for everyone to head their separate ways the aunt that is also my godmother slips a card inside my dance bag before she hugs me. Later I open the card, thinking it's just going to be a card, or maybe a birthday card since I hadn't seen her since before my guys...there was 250 dollars in the card. She and my uncle/god father wrote me this very heartfelt note telling me how proud they are that I'm so committed to dancing...I bawled. Thanks to them, I am about 150 dollars shy of having dance covered for the entire year. isn't even over for this year yet. I'm hoping this could mean that I have to work less at my second job next year and everyone will be happy! I still have my grocery store gig and writing all summer so I'm hoping that I can start focusing on other dance related things. I will be calling my aunt tonight to thank her!

So now that dance is almost paid off, I can start focusing on saving up towards other dance things (I literally just said that but whatever) I need a new wig sooner rather than later, but the big one is SOLO dress. Now I know I'm not going to need it for a little bit (everything has to be in at least prizewinner and I think my TC even wants me to have some placements in at least one dance) but one of my friends made a great point that I'm not growing anymore so even if it sat in my closet for six months or whatever, if it was a good deal than go for it. I have been watching this dress for months, I've been watching it get reduced month after month, it was finally getting to the point where I'm like I better put an offer on this dress before someone snatches it up. It was listed for 600, I asked if she would take 500 or 550 (The dress was originally 1600 so HUGE deal) and here is where I am a little frustrated. She replied and said she won't take less than 700...uh...It's listed for 600? Maybe she wanted me to counter offer, but really I probably would have gotten flayed if I had told my husband I'd gotten it for 500 so...I guess it's all for the best. I'm severely disapointed because it's such a gorgeous dress. :( The Silver lining is that I can keep saving so when I do find the right one (hopefully when I'm actually in prizewinner) I can just offer and not have to worry about installments or where I'm going to find the money. Hopefully my husband won't have anything to say if everything else is already paid for.

I have to go to class! So that's all for now! Two weeks left and I'm already starting my game plan!


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