Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The quickest of updates

The plan is to do a long "Year and Goals in Review" post closer to the end of year and bust out those last few Irish Dance photo challenges. I've just wanted to touch base about a few things. That and I finally moved on Sunday so I didn't  have internet until Christmas Eve.

-I'm registered for three competitions and I'm waiting for the funds to pay for the fourth. I will be at
Feis Na Blain Nua on 1/17 Horgan on 1/24 and O'Rourke on 2/6. The plan is to also do Shamrock on 2/7. I've heard mixed things about double feis weekends so this may be the only one that I do. We will have to see.

-I'm moving all my soft shoe dances to Novice starting in February. I will be competing light jig and my set in Novice in January because I earned the first places in them already. We thought it might be good to get a bit more experience dancing in the grades because once you get to Novice there is no going back. I'd like to be in prizewinner sooner rather than later so I understand being as prepared as possible. I do have a third in heavy jig, but we'd much prefer to have slow speed dances for Novice and up. So we'll see how these next four competitions go and plan for March and the spring.

-I started learning my slow treble jig! It's been a little slow going most because I've been so used to doing crazy fast beginner speeds that the beats are not perfect. I also still trying to figure out how to incorporate all the jumping that has improved leaps and bounds (haha puns) into my steps because those pauses in between treble hop backs mess with my timing. I cannot wait for it to be complete so I can start doing it at shows and competitions.

-Speaking of shows, we are already getting ready for show season. I have a performance on the 29th  but we're already working on St. Patrick's day stuff. We learned the Cork version of Blackbird (No overs so I'm a fan!) and the ending is the only thing that's really tripping me up. That and the fact that I haven't had time to practice. We also learned a really pretty slip jig 3 hand and treble reels! I'm happy to report that things that previously confused me about sets, ceilis and treble reels make more sense. I don't know if it's because things are finally clicking or that it's not all being thrown at me at once but I love it.

-My school is having a class feis in March. Looking forward to preparing for it (it's also the reason why I don't have a plan for march competitions, most are the following day. I'm looking forward to it because it wasn't an option before.

Wow, a quick update took much longer than I thought!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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