Saturday, September 12, 2015

Irish Dance Photo Challenge Day 17

Day 17: Your Greatest achievement in Irish Dance.

I feel like I'm constantly recycling the same half a dozen I'm going to use two today that aren't mine but really motivate me and make a short list of what I consider my greatest achievements so far.

My greatest achievements in Irish Dance:

-I've only been dancing for a year and a half and I'm in the Novice/Prizewinner Class this year.
-I went to Camp Rince Ceol for it's inaugural year of Adult Irish Dance camp.
-I've only been with my new teacher for three months and I have a new set, all new AB steps and now we're working on Novice ones.
-I won first place in my favorite dance and I wasn't dancing alone!

I'm looking forward for what's to come!

Stay tuned for my another update about how things are going!


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