Saturday, June 13, 2015

One Week in the Big Time

Before I start I want to appologize because I'm typing this out on my phone. My home computer finally bit the dust and my work computer won't let me use blogger so until that is all sorted out...the posts might be shorter or less frequent. I wrote this one out a head of time so let's continue...

Well I did it. I survived my first week as a true advanced beginner and I'm very pleased with how the whole thing went. I'm bloody sore, but it's the type of pain that's worth it and I'll be thanking myself come December and beyond.

You wouldn't think that people teaching the same type of dance would be so different, but I'm surprised. That's not to say that my old TC was bad, but this past week has been different but so good for me. I have no regrets about transferring at all. Instead of being so wordy, I'll just get into it.

My new school is a bit more strict than my old one. At my old school, you warmed up on your own, we did drills that were often over my head, and then because he had so many levels dancing in the same class there was lots waiting around, lots of downtime and talking. We could also wear whatever we wanted. I usually wore a funny tee shirt and shorts or capris but some girls wore yoga pants, one girl even wore jeans and nobody wore poodles. New dance school is more like the place I went to as a kid. Black or white shirt with no writing, black shorts knee length or higher and poodle socks.

Then there is the whole class structure. No starting late, going over or talking to parents during class time. I feel like I did more in the two hours this week than the 4ish I used to do at my old school. While I was limping around Wednesday and bit on Thursday my shins do not hurt at all! Granted I did not practice this week so stay tuned.

We started class off by running laps. You heard right, running. There was a point in my life that I could run five minutes on the treadmill without stopping. That was long before this blog! Tuesday was pretty bad, I thought I was going to be sick (though it doesn't help that I had an iced coffee not long before) Thursday went better. I also think that was why I was so sore, but no pain no gain. We also skipped around the  room before we started drills.

Once again due to the different levels and abilities drills at my old school consisted of "watch and you'll pick it up". Some of them were easy and some I could not do right a year and change later. The drills I did this week were much more basic but things that will help with turnout, rhythm and timing. They are also things I could do at home easily. We even worked on my overs to try to get them less awkward. My new TC is really great about trying different ways to get me to understand.

I'm proud to say that I know 2 full dances, a step for another and a basic idea of what to do in slip jig though she hasn't taught it to me yet. Tuesday she taught me light jig ( 2nd step is almost the same as my old second step) we also started the first step of my reel. Then on Thursday I learned 2 steps of treble jig. It's nice to have clean, simple steps that will look nice. I'm looking forward to practicing them and learning even more in the next two weeks.

Finally, I think my new TC is really happy and impressed with me. She's already said that she likes that I learn and make corrections quickly. She also told me that I'm doing great and to keep it up. She seems impressed that I was able to figure out my steps and write them down while watching the other girls dance. We're getting me a new school dress because she thinks I'll be in novice shortly after my  ban is up! WAHOO! 

I'm so happy and excited for the next two weeks, Camp Rince Ceol, SRL camp  and classes in the fall. The next challenge  is to build myself a floor as my deck practice space is getting power washed and stained. I had my hardshoe class at my teachers house and her super awesome floor looked like a sheet of plywood, 2x4s and foam strips. I might try one panel and see how it goes.

Enough for now,



  1. Sounds great!! I'm glad you are enjoying your new school. I started back into classes at my school last week and I am having a blast! I feel a bit rusty, but I'm sure that'll go away in time. Now I'm trying to find the right pair of soft shoes, and then I'll have to break them in...oh boy! Are you in the Facebook group Adult Irish Dancers-Bet Your Mammy Can't Do This! It's a nice group and it's been helpful for me so far. Take care and good luck at the camps this summer!

  2. Hey Ophelia! Glad to hear you are back at class and loving it! I am a part of that great Facebook group under my real name Kelly.