Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Quick Update

A quick update as I am still without blogable laptop. Tonight begins the last week of classes at my new school and I'm proud to say I'm a step of hornpipe away from knowing all my new steps! I like my new steps, I feel like they are fun but simple and I'm looking forward to learning Novice steps (I already picked up one!) 

In other news I'm leaving on Friday for camp number 1. I haven't been since before I was with my husband. It could either be a great or really awkward experience. I get home and have the Fourth of July before I head to Camp Rince Ceol for camp number 2. Expect posts on both of these because there should be irish dance experiences at both camps. I will also be off the radar until July 11th, at least.

Finally my dad and I took the plunge and are making me a portable practice floor. More info on that later as well. 

Okay off to class!


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