Saturday, May 2, 2015

Twas the Night Before the Feis...

I won't even attempt to make a parody of that, but you get the picture.

In less than twelve hours I will be getting up and getting ready for my first feis post injury. My stage schedule has been printed. My number card is already attached to my dress. My warm up outfit is hanging up ready to go. I have way more cash on my person than I would like because I'm planning on buying new hard shoes and perhaps other goodies. I ran all my dances today. I'm going to be going to bed in a few hours (after I find my spare know just in case.)

I feel good. I mean I'm not going to go in there all cocky but I've been practicing and working hard in class. Now it's time to just show the judges how much I love dance. As I said previously, I quickly ran everything earlier and the only one I didn't get all the way through without stopping was my slip jig and that was because my deck is not big enough for how much I move. I'm hoping the stage will be larger otherwise I'm going to have to do something on the fly and being spontaneous isn't something I do well.

I'm planning on running my set a few times as I am still a bit sloppy but at this point, not much left to do but smile and have fun.

I will have a more detailed post tomorrow or Monday. Good night all!


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