Friday, May 22, 2015

The Warrior

If you read the "about me" section of this blog you know that I go by my pen name Kay. I also use the name on other forms of social media. The whole thing started back in middle school when one of my friends changed Jennifer Lopez's "Jenny from the Block" to fit my persona. J Lo became K Ro, my email had K Ro in it for years, eventually I just started signing notes to friends and family as just K so Kay was born. It's gotten to the point that my future sister in law has the same real first name as me and I've volunteered to be called Kay when we are together and my mother refuses...but I digress.

The previous useless knowledge leads me to this point. My REAL first name means warrior in Gaelic. So if you really want to you can do some snooping to figure out what my real name is...or you could look at the post about my late friend and see what he used to call me. 4 out of 5 letters of my real name are in it. ANYWAY! I don't really like my real name, I think that it's sharp and biting and I never used to think that the meaning applied. I am about as confrontational and ferocious as a puppy. But now I think it might suit me better than I realized. At least about my current passion.

A warrior doesn't give up. They fight until the bitter end for what they believe in. They make sacrifices, they defend their native land, their leader, what they love and their selves.

The warrior is a master at their craft. They practice and perfect their body and mind so that they are unrivaled and undefeated. There is constant need for improvement so that they can win their battle, so that they can fight another day.

A warrior knows pain. They know fatigue, they know suffering. They have wounds and battle scars but they don't give up. They work through the sore muscles, they wear what remains of their cuts and injuries proudly.

A warrior doesn't always win. Sometimes they are knocked down, sometime they lose a battle no matter how small. That doesn't deter them. They reflect on what went wrong. They regroup and find new strategies. They find a way to bounce back and win the war.

A warrior knows their calling. They know that they are meant to be strong and brave. The passion of the fight burns in their veins and they will be a warrior until they are physically unable or they meet their demise.

Pretty much, there are nights like tonight where nothing seems to go right. I get jumbled up on the change in my second reel step. My ankles are sore from practicing almost everyday for my upcoming feis, my new slip jig step looks great when I do it for my friend but when I do it for my TC it falls apart. But I need to be strong like my name implies. Dance is what I love, dance is what I burn for (besides my husband! Hi!) and I will perfect myself and work hard to get to my goals. The war is not over until I say it is.

Until then I need to:
-Keep a level head
-Remember that I love dance and have fun
-Smile so I do it at the feis Saturday!
-Review second reel step a lot.
-Go back to old slip jig step, as much as I don't like looks better right now.
-Take the weekend off from dance, but be back at it Monday with a vengeance
-Remember that in three weeks I'll be able to rest (for a bit at least)
-Remember that in three weeks I'll be headed towards new and exciting adventures
-Be happy that I danced two ceili's today and didn't die. In fact I remembered almost everything!
-Rock it at the McGough Feis!

Okay, that's it for me. I have a rough morning coming up (see previous post :( )


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