Saturday, May 9, 2015

Looking Toward McGough

I have three weeks until I compete in my first "championship". The dead line is tomorrow and right now there are 14 people including myself. There is a part of me that is thrilled. I will have the option to move up in some of my dances! I had fun being one of three! Imagine how it will feel to be one for fourteen! But then I look at the names of some of the people that I'm competing against. These are the men and women who are always in the top spots during these "adult specials" who probably dance their set at the Oireachtas. That's where I get crazy intimidated and I wonder if I'm kidding myself for entering this one. I am not expecting to come in first. But I'd like to be in the top half. Some of these people I've never seen or heard of before but if they are entering this competition must know enough of slip jig or reel and set to do so, so we shall see. I have three weeks to work my booty off.

Speaking week post feis and I've already changed and added a few things to make me look even nicer at McGough and Hartford. I can do three steps of reel to music and not look like I'm dying. I decided to go with the step I did before I upgraded because it's will look cleaner and make me less tired than trying to learn another crazy one. We worked on moving during the sevens and we tweaked the ending of my second step so that it looks smoother.

Remember last post when I was like "I'm not going to learn anything new, why bother at this point la la la." Well...I finally told my TC that the second step of slip jig kills my legs and that I look like a dying horse when I do it we first decided to change the order before ultimately deciding to just have me learn a new one. After Wednesday and last night's classes I have the blocking down. It's much more intricate and ballet like, and already seems to be going better than the previous one. The coolest thing about it is that it's one of the steps that the advanced girls do. This prospect excites me. If I can learn and handle material that girls in prizewinner and prelim can do I can't wait to see how I'll do with some one who is actually willing to get me there. Now I need to get it solid and to music but I'm looking forward to competing it!

Last night was really nice because one of the girls who comes (and is really needy, and her mother is a crazy dance mom who will yell and scream for her to work and get my TC's attention and whatnot. That could be a whole post in itself and I don't have time today) went to an out of state Feis and was not at class. The advanced girls were busy working with a girl who was visiting from college so I had my TC all to myself and we really broke down St. Pat's and worked on getting it absolutely perfect. I was very pleased and I can't wait to practice (I have a wedding in a few hours and I'm giving my legs a break) so that I can totally rock it on the 30th! I'm feeling really confident and happy now so I can't wait to see how it looks in a few weeks.

Finally I will leave with something that makes me feel proud but aggravated. At one point last night I had to rest because my ankles were feeling a bit sore. (weak ankles + ill fitting shoes = shin splints) so I was sitting and drinking my water and my TC is talking to one of the advanced girls (she taught me the knew slip jig step). It was one of those things where they were talking about me but they didn't think I could hear.

TC: "Do you mind working with Kay on the end of her reel step later? She picked up the slip jig step so quickly when you worked with her." *Girl says something I can't hear*  TC: "Oh I know, she's resting now because her ankles are bothering her. It has to be so discouraging. Can you imagine how good she'd be if she wasn't always in pain?"

It's so hard when your mind wants to push yourself to the limit and your body won't let you. I'm going to keep on working with it and making it stronger or die trying.

On a positive note, did all my hard shoe in my new shoes last night and NO BLISTERS *knocks on wood*



  1. Hi! I am a 25 year old Irish Dancer as well and I am enjoying your blog! I used to dance when I was younger, but stopped for a while. Now, I'm married with kids and I am so happy I am dancing again! :) Great blog!

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for reading! I am so happy to meet other dancers that have jobs, husbands and kids (I don't have those yet, but hopefully in the near future!) The more "adult" dancers the better! Good luck with your dancing!