Thursday, April 16, 2015


You ever have one of those light bulb moments? Whether you're in class and you finally nail that move you've been working on forever, or the moment you realize what's been holding you back and now you have the ability to fix it? I am lucky enough to say that I had both happen to me last night and I'm happy to share the experience.

If you are new to this blog (and you might since I posted about it on Dance.Net!) I've been dealing with shin splints since the fall. While I knock on wood and cross my fingers and toes because I've been having almost no pain, I had always assumed that the shin splints came from all the jumping and pounding I do in my hard shoes. I did all kinds of dance and gymnastics during my life and I never had constant shin splints. I always assumed it was the art form.

I've had an extremely hard time with rocks. Quite frankly they looked like crap and I really couldn't get the right motion, it looked more like I was trying to be on the sides of my feet. I assumed that I would get it in time, that I would just avoid them until I ironed out other more important technique things.

Last night I mostly worked on my set because I going to start competing with it next month and while it has come leaps and bounds since last year and even since I've been back from injury the rocks just wouldn't come. One of my fellow dancers (remember K?) noticed my struggle and she came over and told me to use her for leverage and noticed that no matter how hard I tried, I could barely get my heels off the ground. She bends down and feels where my toe is in the shoe. "There's your problem." She says. "Your shoes are too big."

I've been feeling weird about my hard shoes, I pretty much have from the get go (Look back in archive for May 2014 if you want to long version of THAT Saga) They never felt comfortable, they always seemed loose and stiff, like leather cinder-blocks as I usually call them. I thought maybe I was feeling that way because they still weren't broken in (It's only be a year...) or because I let little M borrow them for a feis during the summer and her feet are wider than mine. But I have never been able to stand on my toes let alone walk on them. Besides being scared, they are stiff, like my ankle with crack if I even tried. But now the more that I'm thinking about it, if the heavies don't fit right, now wonder I was in pain. I took them off and put on my practice shoes (seriously the best investment ever, if you don't have them, get them!) did the rocks as my teacher and K instructed (I was also starting in the wrong direction) and what do you  know, I could do them! They still could be MUCH higher up on my toes, but by the grace of God I figured it out.

So now I have to get new hard shoes. The prospect of getting something the right size so I don't hurt myself again and look better while dancing is promising, but dropping 160 dollars is not. I will sell my Fays. I have no doubt that I will get rid of's just the whole breaking them in, making sure they fit business. TC suggested that I look for them at the next feis I go to. This makes me nervous because I want my dancing (especially my set) to look great, but I think that would be an issue with either new or too big shoes right now. So the old shoes stay until I find some new ones. I can believe that I sent them back once before and they were still too big, but I'm happy I found out now so that something can be done about it and I can move forward. Might try Rutherfords this time.

In other news:
-I had a great practice session on Monday! (My legs felt so awesome afterwards I almost cried tears of happiness!)
-I finished my treble jig. :)
-I got a tiara! 10 bucks! I love!

Alright, I should sleep. I have work and dance tomorrow. I think I'm going to end my posts with my favorite, goals. :)

Short term: Polish, get treble jig and St. Pat's up to competition tempos without looking like crap. NEW HARD SHOES
Long Term: Core and leg work to building strength. Third reel step?


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