Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I'm Taking Back Something I Said Previously, And Here's Why...

Have I mentioned that I love the Irish Dance community? Especially those of you on Dance.net, Tumblr and the adult Irish dance Facebook page? I think it’s pretty cool that we all live in different parts of the world and we are so supportive of one another. So while this post is going to totally and completely contradict a previous entry I wrote, I think it’s important to share.

I know that when I went back to dance about a month or so ago I came on here being like “MCARDLE FOREVER! My FUTURE BABIES WILL BE IRISH DANCERS AHHH!” I’m sure you know by now that while I love my teacher, he’s old school and cautious about almost 26 year old me making a mockery of myself and him in the process. I think when I wrote that post I was just so thrilled to be back at dance and not completely back at square one.  I was promising myself that I would bother my teacher until I made him understand and made him drop me down, but then I had a few people talk some sense into me and here I sit, a jumble of emotions.

One person wrote to me and I feel awful that I just noticed the message recently and not when they originally posted it. This person made the point that I might be happy now, but will I be happy three years down the road when things basically haven’t changed. I also shared that I paid through the end of the “school year” which is why I didn’t jump ship to the WIDA school when I had the opportunity a couple months ago. So I was like “yeah...you’re right but…” to this person until a few days ago.

Among other things, Camp Rince Ceol has a week for adults and while it was very expensive (especially when you moved in with your in laws to save for a house) I figured I would talk to my husband and try to make it work. I also thought I would try to get to Nation’s Capital this summer because A) It would be a feis with at least five competitors and B) We could have made it into a mini vacation. Long story short my husband has a gig that weekend and it was way too expensive (“Are you insane?”). After that was all smoothed over, I told him how much I love dance (a similar conversation to what we had a few months ago when WIDA opportunity came up) but how I feel stifled, and how I’m never going to get to where I want to be.

Me: *Mid weepy rant* I just want to be the best I can be, and it’s not even an option. I just wish I could go to a school that would let me compete and & overs. People transfer for reasons all the time and-
JB: I think you should do it. I mean I don’t get this, I think it’s weird how much you like it, but if he’s not giving you what you want, why be unhappy?

So husband recommended that I do some research and email some of the places that I emailed when I was looking to start. I also added a few schools that were less that 45 minutes away and crossed my fingers. I was blunt this time. I told them (nicely of course) that I only wanted to compete in & overs, that I’m a hard worker and I’ll do what I have to do to be the best dancer I can.

I sent six emails. I have not heard back from one school yet and honestly will be surprised if I do. The teacher at that school took over my current TC’s feis and there are no adult competitions in it. There was another one who was very kind, but pretty much said that I could only compete in adults and seeing as how I’m already doing that...I am respectfully declining that one...I got one person who asked me all these questions and then I haven’t heard anything since and then 3 people did the “Hey you should give me a call and we can talk about things.” Only one had a big difference.

The school is fairly new and opened up last year, the TC is young (she might even be younger than me, but who cares) and she takes anyone and everyone! She actually has another “adult” who is competing in advanced beginner! I called this possible future TC on the phone yesterday and it sounds pretty great, I’m going to observe next week and then make my final decision.

The pros: SHE WOULD LET ME COMPETE IN & OVERS! If I could make this giant and in red I would do it! The school has more than one location (One is twenty minutes from home, the other is twenty minutes from work) It’s also one of those uniform wearing, poodle socks are required, actual warm up and cool down kind of schools. She travels to competitions (THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE) offers summer camps and her home studio (How bleeping cool is that?) is the next town over from mine!!!! Oh and the school is CLRG which is the organization I would prefer to stay in.

The Cons: Besides leaving my current school and the six month ban I will have to sell my dress. She is really particular about what she wants in a costume and even once I get into prizewinner it sounds like she wants something more “professional”. It’s also a bit more money, but she offers installments. I might be dancing with five years olds.That and I’ll probably offend the WIDA person, but the big issue with that was the commute, nothing personal.

So I guess what I’m trying to say here is that if you have goals and dreams, don’t stop until you make them happen. Yes, I know that leaving my current school is going to be uncomfortable and probably awkward, but I hope I will be thanking myself six months or even six years from now. I am blessed that I live somewhere where you can search “Irish Dance Schools” and get 8 or 9 results and they are an hour or less away. I wish that everyone in my situation had such opportunities. I hope that my journey taking a sharp turn will inspire you to do the impossible. Find those schools that are adult friendly. Let’s work our booties off until we’re dominating the Oireachtas, NANS, and Worlds. :)

and finally....

Dress for sale! Not even a year old and would be perfect for a prizewinner or adult dancer. Only worn five times and in great condition. Made by The Velvet Castle as my school dress but different enough from actual school costumes. Dress has plenty of room to be let in or out and also has a modest amount of crystals on the bodice and skirt. I’m selling it because I’m transferring schools. Shipping included within USA. $450 OBO. Message me for measurements and additional info.

Haha! If you are seriously interested, there’s a picture of it in the “about me” section.

Love you guys,


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