Monday, April 6, 2015

Call Me "The Comeback Kid"

It's looking like it might be a multi post week but I way too excited at the moment to care! It will make up for the boring four months that was shin splints.

There are three, YES THREE competitions both less than two hours away and that offer some sort of adult competition in the month of May! Then I remembered that one of my best friends is getting married the same day as one of them so unless TC refuses (which...why would he?) I'm going to register for the other two. I'm having one of those moments where I'm in awe, wasn't I just trying to find competitions like a year ago and only finding one a month if I am lucky? Either I did a poor job, or more opportunities have come up. It gives me hope that someday every competition will over adult dances and championships. But I'm still going to go with my evil plan of dropping down if it's the last thing I do. But until I'm successful...Lynn Academy Spring Feis and McGough Academy Feis here I come!

Second thing that couldn't wait until later in the week is that I AM NOW IN ADVANCED BEGINNER! I wish it was because I won or something. But now that I've officially been with my school for a year, I am moving up to the next level. I'm excited because I've noticed that in the level competitions once you reach Novice and Prizewinner the &over competition numbers really open up. In Advanced Beginner...not so much. My logic is if I can prove that I can dance at a Novice level (or you know...actually be in a competition with more than just me...and win...) TC will have to at least think about it.

On the whole comeback front, I'm in the midst of upgrading my reel and hornpipe. I also learned my own special Treble Jig Step! This week my plan is to work on my slip jig and St. Pats and go to class twice this week. I LOVE GOALS SO HERE ARE SOME GOALS FOR APRIL AND MAY!

2. Finish Treble Jig
3. Get Treble Jig and New Hornpipe up to fast tempos
4. Polish St. Pats and Slip Jig
5. Maybe learn a new reel step (One feis is championship style, and I think my original step is probably too easy)
6. Did I mention not injure myself again?

See you all later in the week!


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