Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Weigh Game

So I'll keep this relatively short, it's more of a follow up of the previous entry. I went to visit the other dance school today and I want to write more pros and cons before I talk to my husband and family and make my choice.

-Beautiful Facility! Shiny floor and mirrors and waiting room!
-The TC was really nice and personable! I spent a long time talking with her after class.
-The facility has a recital! It's been a while since I've done one of those.
-Many girls closer to my age.
-I wasn't the worst one in the class! Honestly, I think I held my own pretty well for not doing anything in 3 months
-Similar steps that wouldn't be too confusing to switch to.
-Um...cheaper? Like ALOT cheaper.

-Obviously the drive. :( She said that being on time isn't an issue.
-Parking Situation was sucky. (The most stressful part of the day. Snow was a large part of it. And not knowing that I could park in other places. I must have circled block three times.
-The class was really loud and crazy. They are all really good friends but definitely more laid back than the rigid class that I'm used to.

So I have some thinking to do...Also, I think I've been treating the wrong type of shin splints all this time. No wonder I wasn't feeling 100% better. Stupid. Stupid legs. Though a serious improvement for sure.


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