Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Positive and Thankful

In the theme of the Thanksgiving holiday that just passed as well as counter acting how negative and dismal this blog has become, I am determined to find at least 10 things that are going great in my life. Sometimes I am my own enemy when it comes to this stuff. I stew and over think until I'm in a moody, tear filled stupor. So here we go...

Positive Things That Are Currently Happening in my Journey:

1. I have supportive people in my life. My husband is my rock, our families are loving and supportive. I finally have relationships with coworkers that I haven't had since Plymouth Center and honestly I feel that these are even stronger at times. I have doctors and dance teachers that care about my well being.

2. Though it might not pay what I wish it did, I have a great job and I enjoy it. It's great to have the freedom to teach what you want without being hated, lied to, or made to feel like an outsider. Sometimes it makes me sad that people in my own religion were so catty and underhanded when another completely different group of people have been so warm and welcoming. I suppose if nothing's made me stronger and a better person.

3. I have plenty of opportunities to make money. I sub (sometimes), I have my Jamberry business and not trying to get too excited but I have a job interview tomorrow! It's crazy because I only applied last night! Hopefully it's a good omen and I won't feel too overwhelmed by bills anymore. Plus it's a place I've always wanted to work at so *fingers crossed*

4. As frustrating as our living situation is...we have a place to live. We've been cleaning it and making it more homey. We're saving so we can get that house we want someday. We've even been offered a temporary solution to save more money (that could be whole entry in itself. But staying purely positive today.) As much as I get upset about not having the funds to feis as much as I would like or start riding lessons next week, we really do not struggle. We could be on state assistance, we could be homeless.

5. I have some really fun hobbies. I love the way I feel when I finish a chapter when I write or complete a craft or knitted item. I have been enjoying going swimming with JB a few times a week. Books make me relaxed and obviously dance is fantastic. I'm blessed to have the opportunities to learn how to do all these things that keep me well rounded and happy. Adding riding back into this would only be an added bonus.

6. Going along with #5 I am extremely lucky to have all the opportunities that I have in my little state. The job I have an interview for tomorrow is in between home and work. There are multiple Irish dance studios as well as barns, YMCA's etc. It's not like I live in Idaho or somewhere were it's not always that easy to get somewhere.

7. The lease on my car is almost up! NEW(ish?) CAR! YAY!

8. Christmas is here is just over three weeks. I've got two people left to shop for. One is my husband, but I'm not panicking...yet.

9. My shins are a bit sore today, but are SO much better.

10. Music, this blog, some boneless wings, and this guy can always improve me mood. 

He's so funny and adorable...
Wow, that was a bit harder than I thought, but there you go. I can be positive and my life has a lot of silver linings. I will update if I get the job or if my shins make a miraculous come back!



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