Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Another Update

I'll have a much more "Year in Review" post in the next day or two. I've been busy with 2 different religion's holiday seasons and STILL not dancing so...I haven't had much to post.

As for the shins...I went back to the doctor for a third time in the middle of the month. It was disappointing because I had sort of a set back. Not to the degree where I was limping around or anything, but feeling it more than I had been at doctors appointment 2. It's hard because I teach on the third and fifth floors of my school and yes we have an elevator but it's faster to walk and I had been feeling better. It's boot season, I have to wear skirts everyday...excuses, excuses I know. Well...I am now on week two of physical therapy. It's too early to tell if it's really making a difference...I also tripped going up the stairs before my appointment yesterday and I'm all bruised on one shin now. My PT guy massages them and I cant believe how much they still hurt. I'm just in awe at how practicing on un-sprung(?) floors and for long periods of time could do this to me. Husband, Mother and other people kind of give me the crazy eye when I tell them I miss dance...

I did get to talk to my TC a week or so ago and when I do get the okay to go back (End of January at the earliest...) I can go for free. They have a performance tomorrow night, a performance I probably would have been in. Trying to keep positive. Hoping to go visit one night when classes resume in January.

Like I said I'll post more later but Christmas was wonderful and I feel very lucky that I have such loving families. JB and I are going to look at new cars today as my lease is up! Other than that, it's been too much eating, resting and lots of knitting the past week.

Ta Ta for now,


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