Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I'm Kay, Hear Me Roar!

You ever have a moment when something just clicks? You've struggled and been frustrated and then all of sudden you have an Ah-hah moment and everything is suddenly easy? That finally happened with St. Patrick's Day. :) Last Friday I found out I had only an eight count or something left. Now that I learned the whole thing and have practiced it over and over it's hard to believe that I used to hate the set piece with a fiery burning passion. I'm actually getting through it better than other girls who have been at it longer. I'm hoping to add it to my Feis arsenal in November! Woot. Now to remember 3 Sea Captains because that has not been so good. It makes me sad that I used to be able to remember the whole thing as I would fall asleep at night and I've already forgot what comes in what order...I'm hoping to fix that next week when I'm at my in laws house sitting and I have the big deck!

Started Blackbird tonight! Excited but also very overwhelmed. I am someone who cannot pick something up in a huge group. He showed us a different step and my head exploded. I need it broken into chunks and slowed down. The part of the first step he showed me later went much much better. New for me, but not new to dance school girl who will be called KT was also helpful in really understanding it. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT I'D KNOW MORE THAN ONE SET!? or learn more than one.

Spent the end of the night running my reel since I have a feis on Sunday! I will admit, with the new job and Jamberry launch party, my practicing has been pretty lax post Constitution State Feis, but my dance teacher keeps on telling me that I'm looking better and better. I'm going to chalk it up to the fact that I really try to apply his corrections. TC said that its starting to get really good. We fixed a few things to make it even better. Here's hoping I remember them!!!! I've also been told that my turn out is getting better (again, happy to hear, imagine if I actually worked) It's only September!!! Bring it on.

Finally, I'm not the only person dancing on Sunday! There is another person in reel! So it would be super cool to win first because it would be earned! I'll do another post after the feis! WOO!


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