Friday, August 8, 2014

Camp Day 2

I am exhausted. Not a little tired. Not moderately whipped, I probably could sleep on the ground right now. outside.

I also just ate chicken wigs and almost a whole cheesy bread because I was ##$#)*$)(*!!!ing hungry. Not only did I dance for two hours with only a few short breaks, but I went on a four mile walk with my friend and her daughter. It wasn't supposed to be four miles but...we're special. :) Either way, entitled to binge.

So camp! We started with hardshoe today. Warm ups went a tad bit better. I also watched and studied my step portion of Three Sea Captains, so I was able to keep up until he pushed the tempo to 91! Then it was slop city. Satisfied for the short time I learned it though. The step however...there's one day left right? Unfortunately for E and myself, B and K are amazing and learn things super fast. TC taught the whole "set" portion of TSC and they pretty much had it. E and I needed him to slow it down. At one point, I literally felt like my head exploded. It was just too much information at once. So I now know the first half of the set pretty decent. I will still be watching the video and writing the steps down after I finish this post.

Then we finished Humors of Bandon! I feel extremely proud of myself. I don't think I've ever felt so confident during a Ceili. I only forgot once what came next. I only had to be reminded once of when to release K's hand. I was better about eye contact and keeping my arms in. The problem tonight for most people was stamina. Holy crap that dance repeats the body a lot. K was practically dragging my body during the final lead around. But we did it! I had to lay down for a few minutes and my legs currently feel like goo. But holy crap, I did a whole Ceili start to finish without stopping. Tomorrow I'm not sure if we'll just do it a million times or learn something else...HOW ABOUT MY SECOND SLIP JIG STEP I'D PROBABLY DIE! (It's my favorite...I'm sorry)

Okay other Irish Dance updates...first super awesome thing is that I got my competitor number for my Feis on the 31st! That itself was exciting enough, but then I opened up the envelope...

 I may or may not have spewed nonsense at my husband and jumped up and down because this is my FAVORITE Irish Dancer, Brogan McCay's lucky number. It was her competitor number when she won Worlds for the first time. I was hoping that it would bring me luck.

This is Brogan when she won worlds for the THIRD time in a row!
So I posted the first picture on Instagram and tagged her, not expected anything to happen. SHE COMMENTED BACK. There are fan groups that don't get that luxury. Let's add to the fact that I have TWO more job interviews next week. I think 107 might be my new lucky number. :) I'll have to report back after my feis  (Please, you already know there is going to be a whole post about it. With pictures.).

The final thing to update on is the whole dress saga. TC's wife is in charge of helping with costume decisions (I would hope so...TC is obviously a man and in at least his early sixties.) She seemed to see no problem with me wearing something other than a skirt. I emailed her two options I liked on and one other I had found on a different website. She felt the first two were too dated but liked the third. So I emailed the thirds website. Haven't heard anything back yet. But honestly it was coming all the way from England and the website is really old and dated sooo...dodged bullet? So then I contacted a dress maker in the states. I watch her facebook page all the time, her work is beautiful (remember that dress I always talk about? She made it) I asked if she ever made a school dress or more simple solo and after talking she drew me a sketch of what she has in mind. I'm not going to put it on here until I actually commit to purchasing it, just in case she wants to use the design again if TC's wife says no (I really can't see why she would.) The drawing is gorgeous, like I gasped when I opened the attachment this morning. I look at it and I try to think if it will be too much, if I will get the whole "you didn't earn it" stigma...but it complements my schools dresses. I've thought about wearing a skirt and leotard for when I'm at competitions that have various levels. Or someone even suggested just telling people "I'm the only adult at my school that competes...This is my school dress." Who knows if it will even be an issue... (I am the queen of over thinking after all) The downside is the dress is going to cost me 600 dollars if I decide to go with it (who am I kidding?) so...really, if TC's wife gives me the green light...this is my Solo dress. Probably until I were to get into prelim. And maybe even after. This also means that I'm going to bow gracefully out of Rhythm of Ireland which is disappointing but necessary. First being that my husband can't go, and my mother thinks it's too far and doesn't want to come with me. Second, is that the price for that whirlwind weekend  would almost be the the same as the price of this dress and I really don't think it's practical to do both. (Think I should liquor up my husband before I tell him I may be buying at 600 dollar dress?)

Well that's all for now. Last day of camp tomorrow. :(


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