Monday, July 14, 2014

An update of inspriation, pride, and changes

If anyone is out there, I'm sure you noticed that I've changed my blog quite a bit. It has a new background, tweaked title and new description, among other things. The biggest change is that I now have a new page tab called "The Original Journey". I've taken all the posts from my riding and gymnastics trials and put them there. I've strayed so far from that, it's almost like two separate blogs now. I really want to focus on dance so it's all for the best. I'm not completely satisfied yet, I don't like the banner, but I think I may have to play in Photo shop sometime, but I need to do my "I'm going to be an open champ" workout and then head to bed. I have work in the morning.

Don't get too excited. I'm teaching summer school for two weeks. It really is such a wonderful and easy job. I read with kids, what could be better? Well, the fact that I'm getting paid an extra 500 dollars to ride the bus with kids certainly helps. :)

As for a real job, nothing yet...but I'm applying often. It's getting to the point that I will do anything (you know, within reason) as long as I can pay bills and dance.

Back to positive things!!!

I have one day left of my anti-inflammatory/dance suspension. I would say that I'm pretty much back to normal, not 100% but like 80% maybe?  I'm going to give it a day or two and then run one of my dances. I am hoping I won't have any problems. I didn't fall or twist it, so I have to believe they are just weak stupid muscles. I think a theraband purchase may be in my future.

Okay, the next thing is inspiration! Over the weekend I was looking up Irish Dance blogs and found one about a girl (really a young woman, I'm a month older than her) who started dance at 18 and is now an open champ. She even went to worlds! I think the thing that was most inspiring about her was that she went from complete beginner to world qualifier in three years. This just proves to me that anything is possible. It was also a really weird coincidence that she's a music teacher and was a music major. If you are interested her blog is Rince Go Bragh and it's in my blog list!

Slightly related in the inspiration department, saw a recent picture of someone I was friendly with in High School... while it made me feel better about the body image issues that I discussed in my last entry, the "I'm going to be an open champ" workout is a must for just health purposes alone! Anything else is a happy bonus.

Next thing: I'm expecting two Irish Dance things in the mail! Both were things that I didn't exactly need right now, but one was two cool to pass up, the other a FREAKING BARGAIN! (You know me and my bargains.) The first is a really cool Irish Dance journal. You can keep notes about your goals, upcoming feisanna, things like that. I know I do that on here a lot, but there is something soothing to me writing your goals and words by hand. The other is a BUN WIG! I'm so excited I could screech. Thanks to the lovely blog I mentioned before, I was inspired to look on in the for sale board. Celtic Curls was selling some of their samples for SIXTEEN DOLLARS, yes that is with SHIPPING INCLUDED. How could I say no to that? I just hope it's matches my hair color. It's "Golden Brown" so we shall see. BARGAIN HUNTRESS STRIKES AGAIN!

I also discovered recently. I am actually amazed that there are dresses on there that I like that won't break the bank! In fact, the dress I've wanted since I saw the photo on the dress makers website and have been trying to figure out how to sew is on there for $650, a bit high but it's like fate. However, I have not gone to a single feis yet and buying the bun wig was probably ambitious. 16 dollars is not as bad as 650 though. Let's hope that when I get all my dances into Novice it's still there. If not, I've already found several that are even less money that I would not hate having for a first solo dress. :)

Finally, I emailed my TC last night about my plans. I have not heard anything back yet, so I don't know if he's away, or doesn't check his dance email, or I have scared him. LOL. Still proud that I finally did it.

Next post dedicated to figuring out the wig? It's supposed to get here on Thursday! :)


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