Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Okay, now that yesterday is behind me, let's try a happier entry.

I did some poking around yesterday and discovered that there are 4 local CT feisanna in the months of October and November. I'd like to do at least two, but perhaps more depending on my job situation and what else is going on. At this point, my reel and light jig are the most prepared, technically hornpipe too but it's so sloppy at fast speeds. All three need movement because I pretty much stay in place for all of them except reel. I asked my TC on Friday how that was determined and he said it depended on the step. I think come camp or fall semester I'm going to have to tell him my master plan.

I really want to start in & overs and not adults. For one, I can only go as far as Prizewinner in Adult and I really would like to have the option of prelim and open champs if I can get there. I know there is that whole rule where you can't compete in Adults until 5 years have passed with no competition, but I honestly feel like...I'm 25, now is the time to go for it. I know there are ladies in champs that have kids, but that's on the horizon and I'd like to push as hard as I can. Not to mention there is the whole stigma where not every feis has adult categories, there are few competitors, etc. I'm willing to take the risk. Now convincing my TC of that...well that might be a different matter. He did tell me on my last Wednesday class that "He can't coddle me anymore" because I can mostly keep up. More reason to prove to him that I can handle it. Which is why I must be as prepared for camp and the new dance year as possible!

So pretty much...I've got 4 months (more than half without classes) to get ready for fall feis season. That means I need to:

-practice, practice, practice!
-add movement to three dances that are finished and have feis steps
-Figure out if I'm ordering a school dress or if I'm rocking the shirt and skirt (I hope not)
-figure out if need socks or if I'm sentenced to tights (again, I hope not)
-Get a bun wig! (found one, $25 bucks! just got to figure out what shade of brown I am)
-Register Early! (Probably after I tell my TC my plans...I may email him if we don't talk about it at camp.)
-Go to New Haven Feis as a spectator to see how it all works, that or maybe the Constitution State Feis, (both have adult categories and girls I dance with competing.)

And these are long hauls, probably after Christmas:
-learn another step (at least) of slip jig and movements
-learn more Treble Jig and movements.
-Finish St. Pats (My feeling is, if I'm going to compete in this category, it gives me a reason to make it not suck. That and possibly performing it front of friends and strangers...)

Not ready to add these to my goals page. If anything they are like mini goals so I can check some of those goals off the list.

Final exciting point: Found out you can get a solo dress when all your dances are in Novice. Since I'm hoping to start in Advanced Beginner (you know, already doing Hard Shoe dances) I think that goal could happen. Then my husband and I will have the biggest fight of our relationship because he doesn't get the point of solo dresses....lol Future me's problem!


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