Sunday, May 4, 2014

Less Musical, more Dance!

Hi! I'm here! I didn't abandon you for several months like last time. The real world temporarily got in the way.

I've been co-directing the musical at one of my schools since September and this was the weekend of the show. Last week was what people in theatre call "hell week". Tech rehearsals, dress rehearsals, etc. Let's add to the fact that I taught during the day on top of this and you're looking at 12 hour days, not counting the 45-50 minute drive each way. I. AM. EXHAUSTED. However, it went really well and I think a lot of people (including myself) forget that these kiddos are ages 10-14. They went above and beyond the call of duty.  :) I'm very proud. But also very happy to get some free time back and be home around 3ish instead of 5 or 9 like last week.

I had to skip dance Wednesday night this week (I was very upset about this :( ) But I did go this Friday and last Friday. It's been a hornpipe marathon which is good because the rocks in the third step still elude me. I haven't exactly had time to practice with the musical and my ankle. Which side note: FINALLY seems to be back to normal. I haven't iced or taken medicine since Wednesday and danced my Light Jig on Friday at class no problem. I honestly think the shoes I wear to work are what makes the problem worse. We shall see what happens when I go back to dancing twice a week. Knock on wood, think positive! Any who, back to the hornpipe, First two steps: solid. 4th and 5th steps: Decent. The third still needs work. Attempting to practice tomorrow or Tuesday. I still have high hopes of that June 27th Feis....

Here's the hard shoe saga. They came last Friday and the minute I took them out of the box I knew I had a problem. I ordered a 7 thinking that I didn't want to kill my feet like when I first got my 6.5 soft shoes. Well...they looked like clown shoes. I tried to dance a bit in them at class (on the rug) excess leather was buckling...ugh. So I sent them back on Tuesday and emailed them to let them know I needed an exchange. Well it's Sunday and I know they received the package...and no email. Seriously, not responding to my emails is becoming a huge pet peeve of mine. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A BUSINESS! I'm giving them a few more days and then I'm calling. I spent way too much not to know if they are coming or not.

Well I need to sleep. Hoping to have news of reels and St. Patrick's days next time I write.



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