Saturday, May 24, 2014

Birthday Week

My Birthday week is just about over. Turning 25 was something I wasn't exactly excited about. I know I'm a bit young to feel this way but 24 was such a great year. I got married and got my first full time job. I went on an amazing honeymoon, I helped put on a great play and pushed my self to try things that I always wanted to do but was afraid to try. I'm content. I don't want to get older. I mean I know house, kids, dream job (hopefully) is down the road, but I honestly liked being 24.

Then there is the whole dance age. I'm feel like I'm in Irish dance competitive level limbo. I'm not nine or ten where it makes sense for me to just go into the oldest beginner or advanced beginner category. But I'm not like some of the ladies on (no offense, they are awesome and give me hope that I will dancing well into adult hood.) who are in their mid thirties and beyond who compete in adults. Sigh...worse problems to have I suppose.

Anyway good week. Coworkers and students gave me gifts and sang me songs. I went out to dinner with my love and our folks. Got some new books. I had another surprise the day after because MY HARD SHOES FINALLY ARRIVED!

They fit! They still need to be broken in badly because even after two dance classes I feel like I'm wearing cinder blocks on my feet sometimes. but it's so nice to finally hear the correct sounds. However, I will not be using the website I bought the shoes from again. Ain't worth the suffering to get a free shirt and save on shipping. Lesson learned.

So let's talk about what I've been up to in the dance world. I can now do my light jig to music. It's a bit sloppy in places, but with practice I'm hoping to get it up to speed. I also am half a step away from knowing all of my reel. It's actually been quite fun! E and I were going over steps and our TC said it looked really nice and that we were high on our toes. I was pretty happy. Also proud that when I did St. Pats last night (with the leather cinder blocks on mind you) my TC said he could tell that I had been practicing. Seeing as howe I felt like St. Patrick's Day was my crappiest dance I have been practicing it at work, my in laws, everywhere. We have now moved on to the actual "set" part of the dance. It's...rough to say the least but I'm determined to practice it and get it nice. Reviewed slip jig and tried it to music, like I said, practice will make perfect. Biggest shock of the week? E, C, myself and TC ROCKED Antrim Reel on Wednesday. No flubs, we got through the whole thing with music multiple times! I was so happy I wanted to cry tears of joy. ;)

Sometimes when I get down on myself about other things not going so well in my life, I try to remind myself of how much I have succeeded in dance in almost two months. Maybe an accomplishment list of sorts? Here are a few for today.

-You can keep up with girls/women that started months and in some cases years before you. (How many years have you been trying to do a back tuck?)
-People envy your ability to remember steps (writing them in my notebook helps)
-You can do hard shoe and soft shoe dances!
-You almost have a set dance under your belt! (And TC is already talking about Blackbird!)

I will compete at a Feis before 2014 is through, I will learn the Drunken Gauger someday!


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