Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring break, a completed dance, and pain...

Well, It's already Wednesday of Spring break. For not doing anything, it sure is going by fast.

Monday I slept in, ran errands and went shopping! I picked up two shirts, two pairs of shorts, two pairs of leggings, socks, sports bras and a water bottle all for working out. Between dance twice a week and gymnastics I was going through what I had rather quickly. I also bought a pattern to sew myself a shirt. Maybe going to Joann's tomorrow for fabric?

Tuesday JB also had the day off so we slept in (naturally), made/ate pancakes, went grocery shopping, went to get him new goggles for swimming and ate at Applebees.

 Today I slept until around 10, ate my Applebees left overs and decided that I wanted to sew. So I went through all my quarter folds of fabric and decided I was going to make something to organize my dance bag. I ended up making 2 bags as you will see below. The little one literately took hours because it has a handle, lining and button clasp thing from hell. I am using it for my little things (band aids, aspirin, eventually tape and elastics.) The bigger one is one of those cinch types were you pull the ribbon and it closes. That one was easy. It's for my shoes. I'm hoping that both pairs will fit when the time comes, it's kind of small. Both bags have a monogram. (Real name and Pen name start with same initial.) I'm thinking they may be good to bring to Feiseanna, when the time comes.

I had class tonight and that was it this week because of JB's show on Friday. It was kind of cool, one of the "good" girls (as in she is really talented) asked me if I was coming on Friday and when I said no seemed genuinely disappointed. People like me! This is why Irish Dance > Gymnastics! I don't feel like a grandparent outsider! Now that I have let out those feelings...let's continue.

I guess the adults don't go to class unless the other person is going to be there, because once again it was me and three high school girls. Didn't mind though, because I got plenty of attention and got to work with girl who is in between me and the really good prizewinner girls. I'm also trying to prove that I can learn my stuff and can hold my own with the HS girls so that maybe I can do & overs instead of adults. Many more opportunities in & overs. Long story short, we finished the light jig this week!!!! So excited! We're onto the Reel next week, (would have been Friday....grumble) I also learned the next step of my hornpipe. He showed me the third but only told me to practice the first two. Progress!

Ceili dancing....poop again. Well, I shouldn't say that. When we did it bit by bit it was fine. Just have to get my sevens up to tempo. But when we ran the whole thing, I crashed and burned. Even at "regular" dance, I couldn't just do a dance after one time. I have to drill. Color guard was similar to how I learn Irish dance, I practiced over and over. If I could write it down from memory, I could do it from memory. I keep on telling my perfectionist self that it will come. It's easier to practice than horseback riding that's for sure.

Now, the thing that I'm kind of nervous and upset about. Monday night I decided that I was going to drill and I started with the hornpipe, I did the first step over and over. Satisfied, I decided to move to the jig. It has a lot of jumping and I noticed right away that my left ankle didn't feel so nice. A few years ago, I slipped on ice and chipped the bone on that ankle and was on crutches for about 2 weeks. It hasn't given me any problems since. But my ankle and Achilles tendon were bothering me at class tonight. I know that I went from being active once a week to 3 days a week and drilling in between and it's most likely just weak and not used to being used so much. I'm just afraid that it's not sore muscle pain but injury pain. I'm currently using an Icy hot patch and it feels okay. We also went for a walk on Monday Afternoon and I twisted my ankle so I'm hoping it's residual from that. I'm only drilling/practicing 30 minutes a day max. Fingers crossed that it's better for next class. Too soon to be sidelined or wearing a brace! I want to go to that Feis at the end of June! Positive thoughts and prayers.

Lastly, I have enough money to buy my hard shoes. I closed that old bank account and now I have more than enough. I have decided to wait until May 1. Two weeks. It's going to be hard but something to look forward to I guess?



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