Sunday, April 6, 2014

Short term, Long term and Ludicrous Dreams

I feel the need to make a list. Somethings on this list might happen right away and some might never happen. Either way this list is for me no matter how huge or ridiculous. Here goes.

The Irish Dance Goal List

1. Get ghillies (in process)
2. Get hard shoes
3. Get school dress for solo and team dancing
4. Learn beginner jigs
5. Learn beginner reel
6. Perform in public
7. Join ceili team
8. Compete at a feis
9. Place at a feis
10. Move up to advanced beginner
11. Learn hornpipe
12. Learn treble reel
13. Learn set dances
14. Win 1st place at a feis
15. Move up to novice
16. Dance multiple days a week (in process)
17. Dance at summer workshops
18. Compete at multiple feiseanna per year
19. Move up to prizewinner
20. Get solo dress!

Maybe this will get its own page so I can cross off as I complete goals and add new ones.

It's fun to dream. :)


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