Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Am I losing my mind?

Lets start of with the fun stuff:

Still no new replies. I guess I could be proactive and call, but eh I liked the response I got back. I'm going to think of what I want to say and call/email him back tomorrow. Everything happens for a reason, maybe this school will be the one that takes me where I want to go.

Plenty of time to decide what to say because I am home sick with a fever! yay! I can not believe how sick I've been this year. Stomach bug twice, this now. First year teaching? Bad winter? whatever it is GO AWAY I'm out of paid time off!

Now I can vent to you how I'm feeling (no not the chills or fever headaches) My brain needs a purge.
The house we put an offer on already accepted an offer. I guess I would be okay with this if they truly outbid us, but due to an error (listing agent got the email from our agent saying an offer was coming in late "technical problems") Ours wasn't even looked at. It's the "back up" bid. I know that everyone says, "it wasn't meant to be" and "everything happens for a reason" and trust me, I'm the first person to believe in fate and destiny but I'm just SO sick of always coming in second place.

Well this morning I had an epiphany. We can't afford to live in the "nice towns" of CT. The houses are usually condemnable or so small our apartment is probably comparable in size. So we look in towns that we can afford but are really no better than the town we currently live in. For whatever reason, my husband hate my hometown, thinks its lower than trash even though he's lived a minute from the border and worked in it for 15 years. Maybe I'm a little biased because I lived and grew up, and danced and had all my major moments in Torrington. Our wedding ceremony was at the church my family has always attended. I'm not saying that I want to live in Torrington forever, I know it's not ideal, but could get equity in a town that we know. Just like we found a nice house in Meriden that bordered a better town, we could find houses on Harwinton, Litchfield or Goshen sides. My parents lives 2 minutes away currently. His parents 5-10 minutes. I don't want to sound like a brat but free childcare (when the time comes!!!) Husbands job is here, they are so flexible and awesome? Why transfer somewhere he doesn't know? We have things down to a science, the stores we go to for food and things. I don't want to start over in some equally crappy town. I'm not looking to be a townie...I just think it's redundant.

...And he's so stubborn I can't even stand it.

In house hunting hell forever,


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