Saturday, January 25, 2020

The One Where Kay Gets A Program

Story time!

Back when I was planning my wedding, I had a very clear idea in my mind what I wanted my wedding dress to look like. White. Lacy overlay. Vintage looking. I tried on many dresses that day and left with something complete different. Spun Gold (so like think like sparkly cream). Taffeta. Princess looking. I wasn't upset. I was in love with my wedding dress. I still wish I could wear it again.
I feel like pictures don't do it justice
What does this have to do with skating, might you ask? Well probably since the day I emailed saying that I wanted to skate, I've been listening to songs for possible programs. I had like 7 or 8 ideas but many of them were ones that too fast or that I didn't want to waste on basic moves because the song was important to me. I have one already cut that I want to be able to spin and jump too so maybe I'll use it someday. I ended up settling on John Denver's Take Me Home Country Roads because I figured it was slow and the song was pretty. Those of you who know me well will also note that I HATE country music, but John Denver is a rare exception. The song was a bit on an inside joke too. So I figured that was what I would do. My friend suggested I ask my coach for suggestions and I'm so glad I did because she sent me ten choices and I was able to narrow it down to two myself before she helped me come to a conclusion. So without further ado...drumroll please...

My freeskate for 2020 and maybe longer is Lovely by Billie Eilish and Khalid. Now before you do this: 

Let me explain. I picked this song from the choices I was given for several reasons. One, as a mainstream dancer my absolute favorite genre of dance was lyrical. It was all about dancing with feeling to the words of the song. I was often in featured in special numbers and it's the one type of dance from my old days that I still miss. It was definitely my wheelhouse.
My favorite dance number of all nine years
Second, this song is just heart wrenchingly beautiful. Like the lyrics are painful. Is it weird that I'm pumped to leave it all on the ice? (Hopefully not because I fell) Still have to decide the angle I want to use for a "story" or motivation but I hope that I am able to do it justice.

Now to find a dress.


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