Monday, January 27, 2020

4th Learn To Skate Lesson and 1st Private Lesson

Super productive skate yesterday! Now that the prep for my competition is over, I was able to move onto some new skills. (Still need to practice those stops, but did everything else in the warm up) It was kind of a modge podge lesson as we are all kind in different places and wanting to do different things. My coach decided she wanted to give us a taste of all the different disciplines so we learned the beginning of the Dutch Waltz (Ice dance) While I definitely think I will need to go over it a million more times, It was a great opportunity to learn chasses, slaloms, and proper stroking technique that I need for Adult 3 (Sounds like that is where I'm headed next) One of my classmates and I learned a watered down version of the first moves in the field test too. This is one of the things I will need when I start skating in levels that you have to pass tests in order to move up. Sounds like cross overs are coming in the next few lessons, but skating on one foot has become the new struggle so cringe face.

Then I had an impromptu private lesson. My coach and I were discussing my Lovely program and she explained that she could teach it to me in a couple mini lessons and she was like "we could do one right now, I don't have anyone" (It was during the practice session) and ten dollars later we were 
rolling. My music isn't cut yet so we spent the lesson working on backwards skating (which I had planned on practicing anyway) and it's quite improved! Slow with balance checks, but I'll take it for now. :)

I did have a bit of time to practice on my own at the end and while I mostly worked on what was covered in my group lesson, I watched a video about spins earlier in the week where you march to gain momentum before you spin and it worked. Still needs work, but at least I got the feeling this time. My ankles were killing me when I left so I guess I worked hard.

In other news, sounds like I'll be doing another competition at the end of March in Cromwell. If all goes according to plan I'll be doing compulsory and freeskate this time. Lovely will be making it's debut before that though at the Watertown Skating Club's end of the year show. 

I ordered a dress on Amazon...stay tuned (It's coming from China)!


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