Sunday, July 9, 2017

So many things...but mostly still not in Prelim


LIFE IS INSANE! Let me give you a rundown!

-Did not get my contract renewed. I'd call out my former boss on this blog, but since I'm supposed to be a role model and what not, I will hold back. Let me just say, pure evil exists, everyone. As mad as I am, it's really for the best.
-I had another job for two weeks and lack of state funding caused it to be cancelled so back to the drawing board.
-My book has been out for about a month and everyone's support has been amazing! If you haven't already checked it out, It's Enshrine by Kay Bennson!
-My summer has been reading, writing, watching Hulu, applying for jobs, and working at the grocery store, which might become my only job depending on how things go. (Pros and cons to this. May discuss later)
-My summer has also been physical therapy for my elbow. But I think that's winding down.

Okay, dance stuff because things have happened since my last post and I kept on meaning to write about it but I also just submitted another book to my publisher, so apologies. :)

#1 United Irish Counties Feis

Mid Atlantic Region friends: I LOVE FEISING IN NEW YORK! I don't know what it is, maybe it's different judges, or different faces, or just the fact that many competitions are closer to me than driving to Massachusetts, but whatever it is, I always seem to do well at New York competitions. I went to the United Irish Counties Feis in Yonkers and had a really great day. I ended up getting a 3rd in my prizewinner reel and was one point from 2nd. Not surprisingly, I got a third in Treble jig (because I LIVE FOR MEDIOCRITY!) and the thrill of the day was getting second in Slip jig and being ONE FREAKING POINT from first. I had my favorite judge for this dance and I tried to play up my inner princess (you know since I'm supposed to be a Stark). I was just out of placing for hornpipe (There was a phenomenal boy) They gave out huge trophies and I was so excited and motivated.
This is what I visualize when I'm standing in line...or when I'm walking around Big Y HAHA

#2. New Haven Feis

Remember how I wasn't sure if I'm going to do the Gray Feis next year? Well, I feel the same way about this one. I'm always like "I should really go to Heritage." Then the sensible me (i.e. the me that doesn't want to fight with my husband) goes "Nah, Just drive to North Haven. You'll do great!" It's so hot, it's so dusty. The stages get slippery from said dust. Anyway, it did not go as well as the previous feis. I totally bombed reel, I blame myself for not practicing it and then kind of spacing out. People said it looked good, but I was screaming internally because it was so off. I ended up getting 4th. On the other hand, I thought I killed my hornpipe and no placement. Same with slip jig. I was convinced I had it in the bag, I did the whole Sansa thing and NO PLACEMENT (girl judge? I'm trying to find the correlation here.) I got another 3rd in treble jig, though. *Screams into void*  Left that feis kind of feeling low and annoyed with myself (my TC wants the novice dances out before the pressure) Sort of came to an epiphany that I'm going to have to bust my ass even more and maybe result to witchcraft to get those dances out of Novice. That, and someone please make me sign up for Heritage next year!

I look like a whale in this picture, but my dress was Jess's dress first. We've been joking that she's wearing my next dress.


That's right guys, I have a set. Novice dances dependent, depending on how many people in the new age group dependent, I may get to dance it on stage at the Oireachtas. It's Rodney's Glory (SO HAPPY!) and I have been jokingly calling it Robb-ney's glory (again, the whole Stark thing). It's pretty much my hornpipe steps with an extra four bars of awesomeness at the end. It's really been like killing two birds with one stone while practicing too which I will take!

So that's it for what you've missed since I last posted. I'm dancing at the Dongan Feis next weekend (Yah New York! Good luck Good Luck!) I practiced a long time today and plan on continuing this week. I'd like to see my TC (she's still in NOLA for Nationals) before Saturday and my boot camp starts in about a month. 

Still hoping that I will have exciting news for you. That I'll be dancing on a big stage soon, but until then...trying to keep the positive. I think I'm going to start going into these practices and competitions with a relatively new mindset. I'd share more on that, but I don't want to sound like a crazy person...yet.

Hope you are all well :)


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