Monday, February 13, 2017

Same Survey A Year Later

I posted this survey a little over a year ago and think I'm going to make a tradition of it. It's pretty crazy to see that many of these answers changed even simple ones like if I use tanner haha. It will be interesting to see where I am this time next year.

  • What level are you in: I'm split between Novice and Prizewinner
  • Do you compete: Yes. I do about two competitions a month but would do more if I could afford it.
  • How many dance teachers: Just my one amazing TC.
  • Biggest competition: I danced against 19 girls at the Catskill Mountain Feis and placed in my 4 core dances despite that!
  • What shoes: I wear Rutherford Cavans for Soft Shoes and Feis Fayres for Hard shoes. I think I finally figured out the best shoes for my feet.
  • Days you go to class: Mondays for sure. It's supposed to be Tuesdays but sometime the weather or my crazy life has me going on Fridays instead
  • Age group: Senior Ladies (you know once I'm in prelim)
  • Favorite Feis: Any feis that I have friends or family to be with. Preferably ones that are close to home. Though I do love the ones that are in East Durham New York in August.
  • Favorite Dance: REEL! 
  • Least Favorite Dance: Treble jig is getting pretty annoying. 
  • Dress: I have an amazing red. black, and silver dress that I got for the Oireachtas this past year. I plan on wearing until I get into open. It has a "House Stark" themed cape and I absolutely love it. I also added a bunch of crystals so it's sparkly and nice! 
  • Fake Tan: I use the Jergen's natural glow mousse...except it doesn't look natural at all. I liked how it came out for the oireachtas but I needed so many coats. For a regular feis it's usually all streaky. I need to try a different brand once it's all used up.
  • Wig color: I think it's medium an 8 or a 10 I also know that it's an Alliyah if that helps?
  • Do you think you’re good at dancing: I think that I'm getting to the point that it's beyond knowing what's next. It's the little things that need to set me apart from the other girls so they'll move me up. So I guess I'm good for my level, but still have a long way to go.
  • Favorite Award: I am currently very proud of my prizewinner medals. 
  • Set Dances: I did Jockey to the Fair for the Oireachtas and I am taking a much needed break. We're talking about doing solos next year so while I would love to do the Humours of Bandon I think I'm probably going to end up doing Planxty Drury, which is totally fine!
  • Favorite Move: I can kick pretty high! I also like overs. I love birds but I'm pretty bad at them.
  • Least Favorite Move: I used to do this changemant thing in my slip jig where I jumped and switched my feet super fast four times. Used to are the key words here.
  • Best at: Reel or Hornpipe
  • Worst at: Treble Reel. This has not changed since last year. I'm in a treble reel number for St Pats and I feel like I'm bringing the group down.
  • How far away is dance: One is 45 minutes from home the other is about 20.
  • How many times have you transferred schools: Once. Best decision I ever made. Not changing this answer.
  • Rally, Shuffle, Batter, Treble, Butter: Treble
  • Number of perpetuals: Still none, but I'm not finished yet.
  • Best Placement: I got 6th out of 8 this year at the Oireachtas. But it was my first time and I was pretty sick so I can't complain. I'm also happy with the firsts I've gotten in Novice and the placements I've gotten in prizewinner so far.
  • Dance Shoe Size: 4.5 
  • Can you do freeze leaps: I think this getting better. My Teacher compliments me on how my overs look sometimes.

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