Monday, November 7, 2016

Lows and Highs

I feel like I am always appologzing for not posting regularly. While there were some things that took precedence at times a lot of my silence was due to being not particularly excited to share my journey even though I had been out competing. I think I've had a "come to Jesus" moment since then. Thank goodness because I love dance and never want to feel like I'm losing that fire in me. 

First I will give you an update on how I've been doing:

Verlin: I had a great time at Verlin and would probably go again. The drive was easy enough and the throphies were awesome! The venue was crowded but no worse than Lynn or Feis Na BlainNua. I got a second in treble jig! I also got a 2nd in trad set but I'm pretty sure I danced with a former trad set champion and it was only a mediocre go of jockey.

Harvest Time: Was practically in Boston but the venue was huge! I had so many judges that I'd never had before. Slipped on the Marley (even though my soles and heels are taped) and jockey was a disaster. Walked off and all but ripped my dress off trying not to cry because I was feeling crappy about trad set in general. More on that later. Got a 4th in reel and a 3rd in treble jig after getting 2nd the previous week that made me leave the feis immediately instead of sticking around to watch my friends. My marks said "nice job" on treble jig but no first for like the third time.

McInerney: Missed because I was sick, but honestly I was so annoyed with how things with dance and feising were going in October that I wasn't as hung up about missing as I could have been. 

I'll be honest I was mad I hadn't gotten my firsts to be a full prizewinner. I did not feel prepared for the Oireachtas and I'll be honest...I was effing exhausted. Anyone out there ever think they are invincible? Yah well, I did and it caught up with me. I was supposed to do 4 competitions in October. I only ended up doing 3, but I had my day job, dance class, my 2nd job, a wedding, and my grandmother (well Jon's but still so sad) passed. It was way too much (hindsight after the fact of course) I have had no time to practice outside of class and I was terrified that the Oireachtas was going to be horrible. I will never do this to myself again. I had a friend warn me and I wouldn't listen and I'm sorry I was so proud. As I said, I wanted to be a superhero. 

Anyway, I had a bit of an epiphany on my weekend I stayed home sick. I love dance, I love learning new steps and I truly do love competing. I also love my husband and spending time with him. I also love sleep and relaxing at home. I will feis no more than twice a month going forward. Even during the Oireachtas. ( Please remind me of this when I start trying to get into prelim!)

So let's talk about yesterday. I went to the southern CT feis hosted by Lenihan and I tried not to put any pressure on myself at all. I hadn't been to class much because of being sick and my TC going to All Ireland's so while I was rested, I didn't feel as sharp. Novice does hardshoe first at this feis so I got to do jockey first for a change. My mom was also with me and it really put me at ease. We did our competition at the same time as another competition so I had to start dancing immediately after someone else which I have never had to do before but I just went for it and there were no issues. I thought I danced well, but the group was mostly prizewinners and I was still kind of in my funk so I wasn't expecting anything. Well...I got 2nd and it wasn't out of 2, it out of 11! I was thrilled and if I can have a repeat performance like that in 11 days I'll be thrilled! I also got a second in slip jig which is a new personal best in that dance! Just like that the funk is gone and I'm feeling better about things.

There are definitely lows and highs in dance. Sometimes I want scream when I feel like I'm hitting a wall or that I am close to moving up but not getting the placements I want. I'm trying to tell myself that it will come and that it will an amazing moment. I'm also trying to look at it that after November 20th I will only have my core dances to worry about.,I am not be competing until January so I will rested and ready. As for the Oireachtas I still have 11 days to prepare and I need to enjoy myself and let fate take care of the rest. :)

Pretty sure yesterday is the last time I'm wearing my school dress, but stay tuned for that!



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  1. Hi Kay!! I'm so happy you posted again, I really love to read your blog so much (even though I never post in mine ^^) Again, I am seriously jealous of your trophies. Those are so awesome! :) Also, I love love love that your solo dress is in your school colors... I know it might not be on purpose (I know you like red) but I just love it when solos match school colors. I would totally do that if I were ever to get a custom dress. I just really like the whole school solidarity thing. :)

    I also wanted to comment - Oh my goodness, *4* feisanna in one month?? I can't imagine doing that at all! So much stress!! :) Although actually if I were able to do that (not that many feisanna in my region) maybe then a feis would start to feel less stressful and more normal? :) Anyway, good on you for attempting it, on top of all other responsibilities, and yes I hope you give yourself a rest after the Oireachtas! :)

    Anyway, I can't wait to hear more of your adventures. Have a great week! :)