Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Do You Ever Just Need A Time Out?

Or do you ever need a mental slap in the face to calm you down and bring you back to reality?

I'm really struggling to practice this week. I didn't really think I'd be so down on myself, I had a really great week at camp, but my body feels like I'm dragging it through mud. My back hurts, my ankles and shins are sore. I had plans on practicing a lot tomorrow, but I think I may run everything once and walk/mark the rest.

Anyone out there ever feel like this? Maybe my body is recovering from thrashing it around and standing on my feet for over 12 hours 3 out of 5 days. It could be because I have my monthly misfortune and I'd rather nap than work out. Whatever it is...GO AWAY!

I'm trying to keep my cool and vent out all my nerves because I have a feis on Saturday. It's another instance where I have so many competitors in my dances and I'm trying to keep relaxed, but it's hard! I'm going to attempt to keep it positive.

-More dancers mean more placements.
-More dancers mean the margin for error is larger.
-More dancers mean more practice for prizewinner, champs, and Oireachtas.
-It will mean so much more if I win against more dancers.
-The more I feis the better I will get.
-You did a fine job at camp!
-You want to wear a solo dress sooner rather than later right?

Here are some other silver linings:
-I'm hitting more clicks every time I dance.
-Jockey is going pretty well. Going to tape my shoes so that I don't slip this weekend.
-I'm going to see one of my Tumblr friends at the feis!
-I'm happy to be feising again and I have so many opportunities to feis this fall!
-I've been working hard and I've been placing. Let's keep that momentum going!

Okay...I'll probably be okay. Need to do what I always do...low expectations. Be relaxed and just have fun!

Hopefully my next post will be a bit less frantic!


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