Monday, June 20, 2016

What Kind Of Dancer Are You? What Kind of Dancer Do You Want to Be?

I don't mean if you are reel/hornpipe or a slip jig/treble jig. I'm talking about the kind of dancer you are when you are in your element. The type of dancer that shows off not only the aspects of dance that you excel in, but brings out your confidence or your "stage" persona. Heck I don't know if you've seen the picture Pinterest or Tumblr of the the two girls that are reel and slip jig, or if you've seen the drawing that compares reel to a sharp zig zag line while slip jig is a much more smooth wavy line, but that's where I'm going with this.

What kind of of dancer are you?

I am a reel girl. Even back in my McArdle days reel was my favorite. I'm not exactly sure why it calls to me. I was a ballerina for nine years so the slip jig should be easy...but there is something about the reel's music, it gets my blood moving, it makes me feel like I am flying. Sometimes I wish it wasn't the first dance at 99% of competitions, because sometimes I feel like my adrenaline pumps so much that my reel can actually be a bit out of control and unhinged and then my technique isn't great. I'm thrilled that my reel is in Prizewinner and I have this feeling that it will be the first to qualify for prelim because reel is my spirit animal.

To go along with this idea, I think that I enjoy any dance that makes me feel powerful. I think this is why Treble Jig is my second favorite dance. I love that I can stamp into the ground and be super loud. I love that it's slower than traditional speed, you can really feel the space in those eight counts. I love how my feet sort of sing over the music.

What kind of dancer do you want to be?

So I guess I would say that I am a powerful dancer, or at least I would like to be. Despite coming to this conclusion I would still like to be a more elegant dancer. That would help with my slip jig woes. I think I dance my slip jig like I dance a reel sometimes...and clearly it's not working. I think I need to hold back a little as I run out of room  in my lead way too quickly. Still won't help me with that changemant part in the second step, but I think nothing but drilling that piece will fix that.

I'd also like to me a more technical hard shoe dancer. My slow hornpipe has come so far since January when I started learning it. I hit more clicks in that dance than Treble Jig, in fact, I hit nearly all of my clicks in that dance which is impressive! However, it doesn't quite sing yet. There are trebles that aren't clear or too soft. But I'm hopeful that with practice that this will improve. Than I can unleash my power into that dance too.

So now it's your turn, What kind of dancer are you? What kind of dancer do you want to be?

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