Thursday, June 9, 2016

The View From the 3rd Place Club

Reporting to you live on my brand new personal computer! FINALLY! I was finally able to give my work computer back and I'm thrilled. School is finally over so hopefully I will have some time to post more frequently and maybe finally do that vlog I was promising all of you in January. Anyway, let's get this post started.

I had my last feis for a while last weekend. It was another feis that I was going to for the second time only this year as an & over dancer. The Hartford Feis is usually a blast because it's outside and my school has many students that compete at it. Last year it was the feis that I got my very first 1st place where I wasn't dancing alone. I was trying to be positive and proactive that this year would be no different. Well...this year it rained.

I'm not talking about a quick passing shower. It was a literal MONSOON. While I wasn't wet, the dance floor was, the grass around it, all of my stuff. It was very hard to focus on dancing the best you could when you are worrying about slipping and getting injured, or if your shoes are going to get ruined if you get them wet. I have learned now that I don't do well when my head is not 100 percent in the game so I'm disappointed it didn't go as well as it could.

Despite this, the day was not a complete disaster. The biggest triumpth was that I finally did my slow hornpipe in competition and I thought it went pretty well. I even hit a few clicks! The first time is always the hardest so next time should be easy. I also felt that there were no major issues in my dances. Well I should say almost no big issues. I messed up one of my clicks in treble jig but beyond that, no flubs, balance checks, or baubles. Finally I got third in my Treble Jig. I'm still trying to figure that one out. Like I walked back to my spot in line with a scowl after the click issue. Imagine my surprise when I walk over to the results tent (It was too wet to write results) and they give me a third place medal for Treble Jig.

This brings me the title of this post. Last Sunday's third brings me to THIRTEEN third places since competing in Novice. Not too bad for only being with SRL for a year and competing in & overs for only six months. There are plenty of people who were novice for years before they got anything. I was placing out of the gate. That view from the third place club is pretty good, I won't lie.

That being sad, I'm not super thrilled that I don't have more second or firsts. Like, I know I shouldn't be sad or disappointed but I really want those final three firsts. I want to be a full prizewinner. I want to not feel bad when I want to email someone about their solo dress that is for sale. I want the world and I know that I have plenty of time to achieve my goals but GAH am I impatient.

The view from the 3rd place club is bittersweet. It's nice because I'm making great progress. I'm proving to myself and to others that I can do this. But I know the view is better up in second and first. Now I just have to get there.

I am already working on my game plan, but that will be for another post. Maybe tomorrow or Saturday. For now I focus on my first dance recital in ten years which is on Sunday.



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