Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Game Plan

By now, most of you that I am a goal orientated person. So as much as it is killing me to not compete for two months, I'm using this time to set new goals, rest my body, better myself, and come back stronger than ever. 

Step One: Set Goals

I need to update my goals for the year because I accomplished ALL OF THEM! Obviously turn out and crossing are continuous goals, but I've been working on my toe stands too. So I will eventually copy this into my goals section but for now.

-Full Prizewinner by 28th Birthday
-Stay Healthy
-Hit clicks every single time and improve click extension
-Continue to work on turnout, crossing, and keep off heels
-Make friends with Slip Jig (HATE slip jig lately)
-Recall at the Oireachtas for traditional set (might be a long shot but we'll see!)

Step Two: Fall Feis List
These are just the ones I'm definitely doing between now and December. I can see where I'm at by then in regards to being a full Prizewinner. If you are going to any of these, let me know and we can meet up!

8/6 Catskill Mountain Feis, East Durham NY
8/27 East Durham Feis, East Durham NY
9/4 Constitution State Feis, Middlebury CT
9/11 IAA of NW NJ Feis, Augusta NJ  (I was going to do Mcgough on the 17th...but it's in Yonkers this year and driving around close to Manhattan and the other Burroughs makes me want to vomit with anxiety)
10/2 Mclouglin Feis, Suffern NY
10/9 Coogan Feis, Burlington CT (4 minutes from my house!!!!)
10/15 Western CT Championships, Stamford CT
10/29 McIernery Feis, Worchester MA
11/6 Southern CT Feis, Stratford CT
11/12 Horgan Fall Feis, Naugatuck CT
12/4 Haley and Nevin Feis, Randolph MA

Again, this could all change, but for now this is the plan.

Step Three: Have a practice plan

I still need to figure all this out, but one thing I know for sure is that once dance is officially over for the Summer I do think I'll be taking a complete break from everything. It might be the week that I'm on vacation and it might even be the week before that too (Although at the moment, I don't think that's going to be possible. Post about that later! :) ) 

I always try to do this and I either have an injury or something else prevents me from following through with this plan, but since I'm actually dancing at the Oireachtas this year, I need to stick to it.

Monday: Soft Shoe drilling and run throughs 45 minutes
Tuesday: Swim laps with husband. Core and flexibility at home.
Wednesday: Hard shoe drilling and run throughs 45 minutes minimum (more hard shoe dances)
Thursday Swim laps with husband. Core and flexibility at home.
Friday: Soft shoe 45 minutes
Saturday: Hardshoe 45 minutes minimum
Sunday: Rest

We'll see, the lap schedule is always set in stone and it also depends on when I'm going to be working at my summer job. The days might get moved around. I'm hoping spending this much time paying attention to the details will set my dancing apart come August.

Okay, that's enough for me. I'll probably post again in a few days.


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