Monday, May 23, 2016

"I don't need no money as long as I keep dancing"

I am a Sia freak. I love her so much. I think I've said in previous entries that her lyrics speak to me and my dancing journey. Her newest song that is all over the radio "Cheap Thrills" is currently my ear worm. Today's entry title is from it. While Irish dance is definitely not a cheap thrill, the line "I don't need no money as long as I keep dancing" hits home. I am willing to do whatever it takes and make money any way I can to support my dancing. I also love Sia for the fact that she uses dancers in her videos. This was the kind of dancing I did (when I wasn't wearing ballet shoes) when I was a kid.
Watch it here! It's not as creepy as Elastic Heart I swear!

Okay I've been a bit off the radar since the Lynn Feis. This is mostly because any free time where I'm not teaching or at dance class I have been freelancing. Guys, I've made over 200 dollars with the endeavor. I was able to pay for the month of June through these gigs and able to use my grocery store money to pay my deposit for summer classes. I'm hoping that if these jobs will continue I will be able to pay off my 2016-2017 tuition and then hopefully I can start saving for a solo dress. I'm also praying for a raise from the day job. Stay tuned!

In the Irish dance world I saw Riverdance on May 6th. It was amazing. I found the VHS of the original at my town's county fair so that I was familiar with it. It WAS SO GOOD. Like I was crying during Reel around the Sun and Countess Cathleen. Not only because I was watching something I listen to all the time and crossing things off my bucket list, but just because the dancers were so good! I hope I'm half as good as they were someday. It was also cool because one of my instructors from CRC was in the show!

Speaking of CRC, I entered a essay contest to win a free week of camp and I didn't win. So I will sitting out this year. I'm gutted, but maybe next year. Still can't believe where I was this time last year so I know that CRC helped me get here.

I had a feis on the 15th. It was the Fairfield County Championships in Darien Connecticut. It was a really nice feis and was worth the drive. I mean it and I was alone! No classmates or my mom. I got to know two girls in my competition better and they were so flattering because they told me that they thought I was 17. That is how I will win this. I will blend in until everyone forgets that I'm ten years older than that! It ended up going pretty well. I got third in treble jig and hornpipe and 2nd (FINALLY) in Traditional set. Nothing like a 4 month dry spell to get you agitated. I also figured out what my problem was. So hopefully I can make it even better between now and the O. The results were fast and I got trophies! My only complaint is that this is the second time I've danced on a stage that was too small for my steps. More reason to get to prelim so I can move easily!

Other than that, we are preparing or our showcase which is really a different name for a recital that is shorter and with lunch! I also made up a little choreography to one of my favorite songs. I'd like to add some more before I perfect and hopefully video tape.

My last feis before I take a break until at least the beginning of August is the Hartford Feis on June 5th. Had a really great time at this one last year so I'm hoping with all my classmates and how things have been going that it will be equally as good. I'm dying to get those firsts so that I'm a full prizewinner! Still have plenty of time because I turned 27 on Friday. GOD I'M GETTING OLD!

Promise that I'll post more.


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