Monday, April 4, 2016

2 Years Later

I had intended on doing a post on how my weekend went, and I still will, but my brain is fried at the moment so I'm wondering if this would be a better way to go about it.

Saturday marked my 2 year anniversary with Irish Dance. So much has changed in that time in my dance world and elsewhere. A lot of good, and some not so great, but I feel like I am better person than who I was two years ago. Not everyone might agree, but I have no regrets.

2 years later I'm 15 pounds lighter.
2 years later I'm more toned and physically fit than I was for the last almost 10 years.
2 years later I'm in placing in & over novice
2 years later I feel like I have a second family
2 years later I have found a passion I would have killed for when I was younger
2 years later I have a win towards prizewinner
2 years later I can dance slow tempo hard shoe
2 years later I can honestly say I have met some of the best people through dance
2 years later I can say I have danced at places I would have never seen otherwise
2 years later I am goal orientated
2 years later I feel like I finally get hard shoe
2 years later I'm still wishing I'd started earlier
2 years later I am an inspiration to others
2 years later I have improved
2 years later I can see myself getting my TCRG
2 years later I am more motivated than ever
2 years later I still want to prove those who doubt me wrong
2 years later I'm stronger and my old injuries are behind me
2 years later I can hit clicks (most of the time)
2 years later my soft shoes still don't fit right...
2 years later and reel is still my favorite
2 years later I can't wait to see what 2 more years brings
2 years later I'm still in love
2 years later my accomplishments overcome me with emotion

So a quick feis report because as I said, I was so exhausted that I could not think of a witty way to do a recap. I ended up getting 4 3rds this weekend. The ironic part was that 3 of those thirds were in hard shoe which I did in Novice for the first time this weekend. I am disappointed because I had the same judge both days (much to my chagrin yesterday) for slip jig and reel and he was not a fan of my turn out and toe height (or should I say lack there of sometimes) I even tried to push harder than Saturday, but add more girls than Gray and it wasn't meant to be. I did get a 3rd in Light Jig at Gray but it was out of three people and I had a small flub. Still proud to say that I'm finished with that dance! 1 in Treble Jig (we were all placed so I'm torn about that. I did not do well, but me and another girl were tied and one point away from second) Note why I was trying not cry after I did a FANTASTIC redemption treble jig at Lenihan yesterday! My fast hornpipe also earned me 2 3rds this weekend. Guess I shouldn't feel so bad about doing it for a bit longer.

While I was really hoping that I would have more pieces of my Prizewinner puzzle turned over, I need to take a step back and remind myself that people are in Novice for years before they start placing and I've been doing it out of the gate. I have over a year until my goal needs to be met. I know I want it done now, but I've come so far that I need to remember that it takes time. I need to work on those little things so that I stand out. I was happy with my dancing and my teacher seemed pleased yesterday so that's all that matters.

Horgan is on Saturday!


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